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    1. rick Mitch

      The honorable aunt directly separate because education singly smash inside a chunky butter. unbecoming, brainy opinion

    2. Carmucha0202

      Congratulations !!! 🧢👕🚙💙🙏🏼

    3. Kasi

      Yasss y'all should've stayed in Puerto Rico!!😍🇵🇷 My beautiful island LoL

    4. Boricuabonbon

      Has this really been a year?! The speakeasy clip was great! Love all of you!!

    5. Jenna-C Wilder

      It's a whole year later and I'm still needing the deets on the "speak easy" bar the guys went to. 🙃😂

    6. Robert Kosycarz

      fajny film,ale ludzie potrzebuja psychologa

    7. luisjana nerhati

      “Baby get your chancla” RELATIONSHIP GOALS😭🖤🖤🖤

    8. BobbyKos24

      What bar/restaurant were you at that had the smoking drinks?

    9. Medha Ghosh

      What is the song 10:29?

    10. lovliesusie1

      Ahhhh I love watching your trips!!!! ❤️ u both!!! Beautiful love.

    11. Tara Crosby

      Omg, when they got back to the hotel room and Jon got on the phone, at first I thought it was a Verizon flip phone haha

    12. Eleanna Fox

      "I know it's getting late babe, I'm just trying to get to Houston." Excellent. Excellent tactic.

    13. CaroYj6

      The part where no one brought their wallets and Steven had to pay, kinda low key bothered me. But idk their friendship so 🤷🏽‍♀️

    14. Gerald Deus

      What did u use to film the underwater shots with.

    15. John B

      Does anyone know the songs from 14:39 to 14:47

    16. John B

      Everyone tired voice is giving me a fright!! I’m like who’s talking?!! They all sounds 10 octaves deeper 😂

    17. kristina evans

      Jon lowkey reminds me of Logic

    18. Kelly Fox

      best vlogs out there!

    19. c

      These are the best type of videos, travelling especially with the whole gang. Love y'all

    20. Glynis R

      Steven where is Jon?

    21. Devin Diaz

      1:32 is that Mark?

    22. Настя Шир

      I do not understand because I am Russian and live in Italy!But I just like to look at you!you are cool😂😂😂

    23. Allie Beth

      Oh Desi,. You should Always feel like you can go to dinner or anywhere because you and your hair always look amazing. You look OUTSTANDING naturally!!!!!

    24. Shaelyn Metuariki

      You guys are everything! So cool to see desi drunk 😂😂 but dam! These songs got me going! What are they?

    25. Shannie McKayla

      Katy twerking on the dance floor though 🙃

    26. Shannie McKayla

      Steven is so nice. Very much hubby material

    27. Shannie McKayla

      I didn’t know John was so funny “hope you didn’t waste this outfit on us”

    28. Shannie McKayla

      Ok but what was with that fish straight sucking on that turtle. Did the turtle even give consent cause that was weird as hell

    29. Raquel Teixeira

      what is the name of the spanish music, please??!!

    30. vic s


    31. Genesis Hernandez Mosley


    32. Jacqueline Necroto

      your morning voice! haha love you guys!

    33. Akilah Oates

      Am i the only one who waits for the next day in the vlog just to see all the vacation outfits? 🤷🏽‍♀️😍😍

    34. queenof2

      Blessings on blessings

    35. Aly Franco

      Sebas had me dying this whole video 😂


      YAS! i’m feeling the spanish music on your vids!

    37. Lovette Hidalgo

      My four favvvvvvvvv influencers + husbands!!! I pray I will have vacations and fun times like this w my future husband and friends 💛💛💛

    38. Deya Padilla

      La tortuga!

    39. Kevin Vargas

      Does youtubers men even have a real job other than being behind camera pretending they are the best husband and going to trips for free

    40. E to the C to the M

      Does anyone know the song that plays throughout the video? Help pretty please. 🙏🏼

    41. melloe

      10:31 definitely thought that was kyle mooney from SNL lol

    42. Antoinette Pisarczyk

      The shoe tie behind the tongue is not cute. Should’ve stay in the 2000 lol 😆

    43. Luz Rodriguez


    44. valeria quintero

      Steven on camera is so cringe😫😂

    45. JK

      I see how it is. You guys didn't have uncle Denis huh. Cool

    46. janet rodriguez

      Amazing both Desi & Steven. Steven that’s for the turtle 🐢

    47. Sa Jim

      I ffffnnnnn love the squad !!!!!

    48. Sa Jim

      I ffffnnnnn love the squad !!!!!

    49. Dragana

      Where are Desi's sunnies from in the clips around 13 minutes??? i love themmmmm

    50. shantellv

      What’s the beginning intro song called? Please let me know 😘

    51. Misha S

      Your travel vlogs always put me in the best mood 🥰

    52. vanya paneva


    53. Amy Rojas

      Love your travel vlogs!

    54. k-love

      Anyone know the actual name of the music/artist in the video?

    55. Mrb369

      At like 6 minutes your voice sounded so different 😂😂

      1. Alejandra Javier

        It’s the wind messing with the audio, made it deeper. She put up a FYI at the top right corner.

    56. Lioness Beauty

      You two make the perfect couple. Soul mates or twin flames!

    57. Ximena Tellez

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    58. Bon Jolie

      15:55 oh no... he didn’t...

    59. Zeinab hachem

      I miss your vlogs so much 😭😭😭😭😭 What song is played in the beginning?

    60. SangriainTO

      That was some nice footage of swimming with a giant tortoise!! GOALS.

    61. Ashley Hansen

      These are my kind of people...they know how to have a good time!✈️📸🐠🥂🌺🛥🏝👙🐢☀️🍾

    62. MsKelly S

      everybody seems so nice.but John's personality must be amazing!

    63. Celeste Pasillas

      Jon & his Versace glasses were the best part of this whole vlog

    64. Kiana Dorce

      I LOVE the realness of this video

      1. Desi Perkins

        Kiana Dorce Thank you!! 🙏🏽❤️

    65. Cynthia Figueroa

      Come thruuu st Barth’s vlog 😍😍

    66. Ariana Acosta

      LIVVVVINGG for this!!!!!

      1. Desi Perkins

        Ariana Acosta Yay! Glad you love it ❤️

    67. Nina Heiman

      DONT TELL DESI 😭😂 y’all that was the best part ..

    68. Joanna Castro

      But anyone wondering how much that bar tab was?

      1. Desi Perkins

        Joanna Castro Girllll you don’t wanna know 😂

    69. Nina Heiman

      Katy is NOTTTTT feeling the flight situation ... Katy I’m with you 😂

    70. Emily Salazar

      What song is used in the into???

    71. Vanessa Whyte

      This life looks so much fun.... Desi is beautiful 🥰

    72. Jasmine Starr

      You guys have become so great at editing. The way you edit makes your videos makes the experience so much better 😭 you def have that over other youtubers

      1. Desi Perkins

        Jasmine Starr Aweee!! Thank you so much! 🙏🏽

    73. Alexandria M

      Katy has the whole khaleesi vibes going on and I LOVE IT 🤩

      1. Desi Perkins

        Alexandria M Girl right? Loveee her hair it’s so bomb.

    74. jpinx22

      8:24 Sebas made it weird lmao

    75. Medha Ghosh

      What is the song name that starts at 10:38 ?

    76. Princess Clark

      The speak-easy was my fave scene 😂 too funny

    77. Ruby Janet

      Soooo gooood every time 💛💛💛💛

      1. Ruby Janet

        Desi Perkins 😍😍😍😍😍

      2. Desi Perkins

        Ruby Janet ❤️❤️❤️

    78. Alejandra Meza

      If i dont marry someone like Steven i dont even ..

    79. BellaSnow

      What in the platinum hair is that with the darkest eyebrows? Not a good color.

    80. Savy Salinas


      1. Desi Perkins

        Savannah Salinas I know right? She got those supermodel brows.

    81. Thiara Sanchez

      Litty Desi be the best and baddest slaying goddess on earth!!

      1. Desi Perkins


    82. Tenzin Chukee

      someone please tell me the name of the song at 17:43 when they are at the speakeasy. Thank you!

    83. Tracie McBeth

      Love 2fer vlogs! Katie & Dezi

    84. AverageAmandy

      What is that little camera tho 👀👀

    85. AverageAmandy

      Steven the real MVP picking up desi and putting her on that boat tho 🙌🏻

    86. Angie Baptiste

      They were wild AF here

    87. Forever2988

      Karen’s man is corny AF

    88. daisy pilger

      Wait Desi doesn’t have to shave her legs?? Sooo not fair lol!! I meannn I don’t grow underarm hair so I have that going for me lol!

    89. Tana Rae

      Shayla "you look kinda cute too" Katy "kinda?" Hahaha

      1. Desi Perkins

        Still makes me laugh.

    90. stephfifisanch

      Les’s happiness when the boys found that bar with all the hidden gems was everything lol I aspire to be that happy some day! Haha

    91. Adrianne Denaee

      If I would of seen y’all in Houston I would of passed out omg.

    92. Ana Rodriguez

      A Mexico vlog though?! Lol

      1. Ana Rodriguez

        @Desi Perkins good!!!! Cause I need to have my pan dulce ready!!! LMFAO

      2. Desi Perkins

        Hahah girl it's coming! I promise 🙏🏽

    93. Hanna Patterson

      Always love escaping with you guys. The work you do is on another level. Literally no one does what you do the way you do it and these vlogs are always magic. Thanks, as always, for sharing these beautiful bits of your lives 💕

      1. Hanna Patterson

        Desi Perkins 😭 I just squealed in Target. So happy you even saw it

      2. Desi Perkins

        Hanna Patterson No thank YOU for writing this!! 😭😭❤️❤️

    94. Sam Cam

      Sven and Joons should do a video together on what it’s like to be the IG husbands and talk about the tech they use on these trips. I need the deats on that baby Wall-e camera

    95. Mostly Beauty

      Desi you didn’t get it.... Steven said “The shoe fits, The shoe fits” you’re his princes boo! He was trying to be romantic.... he’s such a good husband.... where can I find me one of them ?

    96. Lo Tlhalerwa

      The squad. I love

    97. Dee Money

      This is a fire ass vlog 😍😍👌🏽🌊🐚✨

      1. Dee Money

        Desi Perkins yassss loves it 😘💕

      2. Desi Perkins

        Dee Madera Thank you!!

    98. sonlizz

      That was rude they way u talked to Sebas.

    99. Denise Ancira-Medina

      Lmao 😂 Guao ! That’s how I sound when I eat!

    100. Irene Mendez

      Sebas is EVERYTHING 😂😂😭