Our Fertility Journey: Episode 12

The Perkins

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    Week 32 Update. Maternity Shoot, Babymoon and Baby Shower.
    Belly Cast: amzn.to/32PnWhn
    Maternity Shoot on Instagram: pCFVKATDpHWI/
    Our Reveal video on IG: bit.ly/2ZfohYe
    Our Announcement video on IG: pCABNhyNpSBg/
    Desi on YT: hufast.info
    Desi on IG: desiperkins
    Steven on IG: stevenperkins
    Our Fertility Doctor:
    Andy Huang, M.D. - Reproductive Partners Medical Group, Inc.
    IG: bit.ly/2WDucFB
    WEB: bit.ly/3f7RgUd
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    1. Megan Lynne Tutorials

      Does anyone know where she shops for her baby clothes?! I’ve been dying to know!

    2. Mayra Macias

      I absolutely love the way Sven is with you and how excited he was about the baby even before he held that little baby. You are one blessed family

    3. C W

      I’m not crying-my allergies are just really bad 😭😭

    4. Southeast by Midwest

      Was that the beginning of the Lion King when Steven started pulling off the belly cast?! 😂😂😂

    5. Shay z

      She's giving me beyonce looking vibes 😍

    6. Jessica Hubbard

      if my future man doesn’t bring me mcdonald’s breakfast on a platter i don’t want him

    7. Jas Kaur

      Ahhhh My Heart ! Their love is Soooo beautiful !

    8. Amber McFadden

      Steven on hair duty while desi is on the toilet🤣🤣

    9. Taylor Anne

      You are the most beautiful person inside and out

    10. Sabrina Rios

      Ooooooo, I have one of those avocado knives. Twinssss

    11. Chels VonD

      The way Steven looks at her at 5:05-5:08 is just 😭😭😭😭😭

    12. Shahla

      Can someone please link where the baby cloths are from? Dying!

    13. Mimi Diament

      Qui vient de la story Insta de Léna ? 🇨🇵🤣

    14. Diana Vargas

      Does anyone know where the baby clothes is from. From the beginning of the video?

    15. Tomas

      Wow my heart goes out to anyone suffering from infertility. Don't even know how I was able yo have kids naturally. I have policistic ocarina síndrome, had two vagina surgeries, had to get biopsy because of polyp, etc. Had four kids with my husband. If someone struggles there is something really bad with reproductive sistema. I feel upset for them, truly wish that anyone who wants a baby can have it and without problems. Good luck.


      Yo te sigo hece rato , pero no sabia que estad embarazsda. Me alegro mucho por ustedes ,soy uno de muchos testigos de lo tanto que deseabas ser madre. Mis mas sinceros deseos de felicidad y prosperidad para tu familia Desi. Dios escucho tus oraciones mujer.mirate vas a tener un bebe que alegria. Dios los bendiga😊

    17. Destiny Carlson

      Desi you have never looked more beautiful as you do pregnant! Glowing and happy. Steven, you are such an encouraging, loving and supportive husband. Those two are lucky to have you!

    18. Erica Camp

      I want to know who are the evil souls that disliked this video. You have to be soulless to have done that 😢

    19. Mia Toretto

      You can tell she wears the pants lol

    20. aundrizzle



      I just CAN NOT!! I LOVE you ALL AND you and Katy’s relationship is SO SACRED! She is your “Gale” and I have a Gale and to see her become a Titi is magical and yes ppl of course Im super excited for Dad!!! Just highlighting how awesome and important a true true bestie is to a woman and in this industry??? It was a blessing!

    22. Holly Farnell

      I am new here. I just had baby number 4. You have a wonderful husband sister. He will be a wonderful daddy. So sweet.

    23. Dee Castillo

      Soooo happy 4 y'all! Blessings from San Antonio, TX!

    24. Lia Conley

      I totally cried watching your pregnancy shoot. It was so beautifully done and seeing you and Steven together during that... I just can’t. Love you both. 💕

    25. iamvalmira

      you two are magical together 💜

    26. D J

      This was such a beautiful shoot, it seems like I cry with every episode 🥰 I am beyond excited for you and Steven!

    27. Nini P

      That elephant painting of desi tho so pretty

    28. Nini P

      I need to know that airbnb place plsss

    29. Tryanna James

      What’s the name playing in the background when the bay shower started???!!

    30. Roxanne Laza

      Steven its the best and you deserve it Desi

    31. Taylor Gayhart


    32. jocelyn nunez

      Okay catching up on these episodes but why do I want to cry during this photo shoot!!!! 😭😭😭 DESI YOU ARE ONE BEAUTIFUL MAMA💖

    33. Sara Lastra

      It’s official I cry every episode!! 😭❤️

    34. katherine rodas

      I can’t stop crying 😭😭

    35. tommy reynoso

      Im cryingggggg

    36. Princess Diana TV

      She hit him with the bag ! Lmaooo 😂 @Desi do that prank in the car on Steven! The one where u hit the passenger with the things lol

    37. Lori Ann Perez

      y'all got me crying! i am so happy for both of you! having a baby is the most beautiful experience specially when its with the love of your life. you guys are blessed! wish you the best. much love xx

    38. Sammantha

      Great. Crying on a Saturday morning.

    39. Vegas Rebel

      Literally my dream. I'm so happy for you but honestly I'm jealous. I wish I could afford ivf. I pray God will create the path for me to afford to become a mother. I'm a truly so happy for you but I can't lie and act like I'm not a teensy but jealous. But you give me hope. And I'm so happy for you both

    40. samantha taylor

      I legit cry every single time I watch these videos. 🥰😭

    41. Guadalupe Bautista

      In Mexico they say that you are supposed to take the baby out of the hospital in Yellow for good luck and great health

    42. KeepingUpWithAnisa

      Eagerly waiting for the next one! :D

    43. Theresa U

      This episode made me emotional!!

    44. Kristina Sandnes

      Steven is so supportive and loving! I see a lot of people want a Steven in their lives, and I feel so lucky I have my own awesome man in my life. ❤️ He’s the kind that kiss me and then my babybump, I can always talk to him about everything - even the gross stuff. He actually wants to know how I’m doing and truly cares about me and our little girl. 26+1 today! 🥰 97 days left! 👏🏼🎉 This year has been such a rollercoaster! Really big lows, but really big highs too!

    45. Ney K

      i got my stretch marks after ive given birth 😂

    46. Val Brooks

      Those 2pcs outfits are cute those will swallow a newborn.

    47. Gabrielle Navarro

      u two are the sweetest, most deserving parents i’ve ever seen 🥺 created the perfect foundation of a life together, and now ur building a family off pure LOVE. very inspiring to me - pregnant with my first. thank u for these videos 💟

    48. Sasha Burdette

      Tell me why this episode had me crying so much omg 🥺😩

    49. Lady Cauntay

      Your shoot made me cry. So beautiful. I had a tiny little shoot with a friend and was scheduled for an actual one a few weeks after but I went into preterm labor and was never able to have my photos done. Cherish those forever , I'm sure you will!

    50. Mirkha Smith

      So beautiful 💖☺️

    51. Haylee Bierton

      18:14, you look like an absolute goddess! 🥰😩🥺😍

    52. somerset 808

      sloth mood

    53. Amy Del Castillo

      You guys are making such wonderful memories for your baby. He is going to be so lucky to be your son because you guys have been loving him for years and now you get to have what you have been waiting for the most!! God bless the Perkins!! 🥰🥰

    54. H A

      I couldn't agree more, you definitely have to have a strawberry with every bite, otherwise it doesn't taste good. 🍓😊

    55. H A

      I think he will look like Desi, in the scans he looks like he has her features 💕

    56. Betty Hernandez

      I cried then I stopped then I cried again and then I just fucken cried.

    57. Madison Cook

      Desi, congrats! You’re such a beautiful mommy! You two are going to be such good parents! This journey is beautiful ❤️

    58. Ashley Modish

      I’ve been catching up on your journey, I’m almost caught up! Let me say, CONGRATULATIONS! You two are so cute, and have me crying by the end of each episode 🤣😭

      1. Ashley Modish

        Okay omgosh noooo this was the last one, I need more lol jk I’m so glad your enjoying your pregnancy

    59. Hilda Maldonado

      It was the egg McMuffin in the belly for me! 🤣 Your relationship with your mom, is the same one I have with mine and it changes the way you experience motherhood. ❤️

    60. Valerie Livolti

      Watching Steven cry.. made me cry

    61. Tammy Benham

      Oh Desi......you are absolutely STUNNING in the baby shoot!!!! ❤️

    62. Beauty Works

      Just beautiful... teary eyed

    63. Anastasiia Chertenkova


    64. Kayce Derese

      I 110% shed some tears watching your shoot. You are SO beautiful Desi and I can't wait to see baby boy!

    65. Erica Marie


    66. itzaMaritza

      This episode had me in tears the entire time. I think this has been my favorite one. Excited for you guys. Already are great parents 🐘🤍

    67. Mstoofine

      soooo beautiful i'm really cryinggggg

    68. Samantha Howe


    69. christine tolenaars


    70. Lindsey B

      There's no one more beautiful than pregnant Desi 💙

    71. Rona Mary

      I absolutely love this! And how supportive you’re family is!!!

    72. Char Davis

      You two ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    73. Aoife Otoole

      16:45 I cant 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    74. Aoife Otoole

      6:59 stawpppp 😭😭😭😭

    75. Anna Capozzoli

      Steven wearing the bellycast LOL this journey just makes me so emotional/happy for you!

    76. mikea hiooi

      Dude Katy hugging desi with so much love...i cannot 😭 Also, I freaking can’t w Jon and his coupon codes 😂

    77. Melanie Henry

      Elephants are my favorite too & they bring luck to the baby when you have Elephant decor 😊 ps you are a gorgeous pregnant woman & you have overcome alot! Can't wait to see Baby Boy Perkins 💙

    78. David and Danielle Rosales

      What's song at the end?!

    79. David and Danielle Rosales

      I know this journey is 100% both of yours but the way Steven captures this is so wonderful. It's such a privilege to watch

      1. mikea hiooi

        Whenever desi says a dirty innuendo steven always laughs about it then moves on quickly cuz it makes him hot😂😂😂 like when they were in the car and she made the

    80. Simple Nail Designs

      The photo shoot 😭🥰

    81. Anamaria Ciocotisan

      You are the best 🥰

    82. Mayra R

      Steven has a way of calming me down through these videos. He’s so amazing with her and going to be a great dad ❤️

    83. aola wili

      I don’t want this series to end 😭😩🥺 can’t believe it’s almost time

    84. Stand With Sophie


    85. Ivana

      God really is a woman, you look soo beautiful, I can't believe.. so much love in your videos, I am so happy for you. ♥

    86. SnookyTimberview

      I’m late to the party watching this one but OMG! didn’t plan to shed a tear, then I lost it when Desi wipes her tear away. Yes, very beautiful and magical!

      1. aola wili

        I'm gonna cry if you have him on my birthday!! 💕 Oct 16th!!! So happy for the two of you and your parenthood. You got this💕💕💕

    87. Adriana Torres

      Why am I crying watching this whole video omg I can’t 😫

    88. Lucas Oliver

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    89. Amy Del Carmen

      I love you guys !!! Que dios lo bendiga siempre

    90. amanda navarro

      It’s ok if you get stretch marks, you don’t have to explain to your fan base if you do have them !! You’re beautiful either way.

    91. Zana BlueIV

      How beautiful Desi is, out of this world! ✨ Every women wants to find their Steven. Amazing couple, I feel so emotional every time I watch their vlogs! It’s just me?! ❤️😅

    92. bilinas mini

      I hope everyone finds happiness and becomes financially stable or even better. ❤️

      1. Simple Nail Designs

        Thank you, same to you 😊

    93. rimsha mahmood

      I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!! Personaly I don't know how it feels to go through what you did and I hope that you guys have a goergous healthy baby and I hope you guys have the best life toegther. Watching you and steven go through this journey really makes me wishful that there might be a nice guy our there like him who will stick through in all the hard times. Genuinely makes me so happy watching you guys come so far. You absolutely deserve the best baby mama! Can't wait for baby Perkin to come!!

    94. The Mango

      Whenever desi says a dirty innuendo steven always laughs about it then moves on quickly cuz it makes him hot😂😂😂 like when they were in the car and she made the honeymoon joke and Steven laughed then turned his head Cuz he was embarrassed and then he grabbed her hand to hide the blush on his face was so hilarious! Such a cute couple😖🖤🖤🖤✨

      1. bilinas mini

        nothing but positivity love and health

    95. Jessica Sanchez

      Omg my baby girl had so much hiccups when I was pregnant with her 🥰 I miss that so much

    96. ana konda

      Is this where you sell Perkins 6357 engine?

    97. M Par

      Steven has always given me gay vibes.

      1. The Mango

        Why are you commenting this?

    98. Victoria Blanton

      I was wondering if.you have an amazon wish list or a po box

    99. Misti Hutchens

      The pure happiness that shows through each of your faces is heart warming. I am so excited for you two to get to experience every miracle of being a parent. Such deserving humans.

    100. Lesly Velasco

      I'm gonna cry if you have him on my birthday!! 💕 Oct 16th!!! So happy for the two of you and your parenthood. You got this💕💕💕

      1. senni bgon

        Omgggg the way Steven looked at Desi and she had tears in her eyes immediately bought tears to my eyes 😭😭😭 I’m not a crier but that shit had me weakkkkk