Our Fertility Journey: Episode 10

The Perkins

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    Week 28-29 Update. Nursery Planning and a 29-week checkup.
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      hello m no happy en mi das for you one presen in your house b

    2. Kathleen Larkin

      Steve is still in the closet lmao

    3. mel viera

      im learning so much from ur pregnancy! i wish u and ur family nothing but the best!!

    4. Jillian S

      Thank you for saying that about sleep!!! I hated all the negative sayings about having a baby...”get the sleep while you can” “terrible 2s” etc.... I cringed every time someone said that to me or I read a card with similar phrases. New life is the biggest blessing! My son just turned 2 and each moment that we have together is pure bliss. I would never project those sayings and phrases onto a beautiful baby. Life is what you make it💜

    5. Siobhan

      These people are rich af why do they need a baby registry? Buy your own shit

    6. Jessica Hubbard

      okay but the nurses sneaking steven in is so cute i almost cried

    7. Davene Jonas

      God is so good. I'm so happy for you Desi

    8. Sabrina Alaniz

      I’m so happy for you 3!!! Such an amazing family

    9. Sabrina Alaniz

      OMG!! The ultra sound this episode!!! Such a cute little baby baking!!!😍😍😍

    10. Kali is souledout 4Jesus

      Your exactly right! Your body does prepare you for the no sleep. Me personally? I used to sleep like a log! Once I was asleep I was out! But after my first lil bubba I sleep light now. It’s a trip. When you go into labor take control. That’s my piece of advice. Just remember after it’s over the pain will all cease. So no matter how you you feel pain wise? You can do it. And you have a wonderful support system. ❤️. I can’t wait I’m so excited! Celebrating the birth of life never ever gets old !! God bless you guys. 🙏🏽❤️💋

    11. Kali is souledout 4Jesus

      Props to the parents of these two cuties! They did a great job!!! Congrats you two. God bless your family. I’ve raised four kids and have 2 grandsons. Let me tell you the key is communication. Of course love too. You guys have what it takes! Congrats!!

    12. Laay Laay

      Currently two months pregnant. Tried for a year and when it wouldn’t happen I almost decided to stop trying but watching your videos inspired me. I love your vlogs and fertility journey. So happy for you guys . And now I might do my registry through target

    13. Jessica Phillips

      Can Steven do just a video talking..... his voice is so calming!!

    14. Brenda Jimenez

      That moment when she says she looks like a pillsbury dough boy and 5 mins later the Pillsburry dough boy ad comes up!😂

    15. Jennifer Gonzales

      I can’t even count how many times I’ve cried during this series omg If I didn’t love you guys before...

    16. Victoria Blanton

      Do you have an Amazon wishlist or a PoBox ..thank u pretty mama

    17. Danielle Jimenez

      He's so sweet and excited!

    18. Colipopkola

      Omg the pics of the baby already look so cute! 😍😍😍🥰

    19. Mushroom Lasers

      What was with the shameless Target plugs??? It’s like Tye Pennington, “it’s all about Sears and Sears! And Sears!”

    20. Xena Ashley

      A lot of people used to tell me "sleep while you can" but it is really hard to sleep in your 3rd trimester as it is.. I think the right advice would be enjoy the quietness at night as much as you can before baby is home!

    21. Selma Alikadic

      For me the sleep deprivation was the worst. Nothing can prepare you for that. Pregnancy sleep deprivation is completely different from baby crying sleep deprivation. Only thing that helped me was taking it day by day night by night. Get as much help as you can and try not to stress too much

    22. zoe bellanfante

      i agree i do feel how god created us the body prepares

    23. Heily Flores

      Boys AND Girls both climb up things when they're babies. Gender doesn't matter Oy vey.

    24. Laura Jones

      The scan! Oh my gosh he is so cute!! 😭💙

    25. Janel Andrews

      I’m a momma of 3. Let me tell you. You don’t sleep while you’re pregnant but those first 4-6 weeks with a newborn you get even less sleep. So just rest as much as possible. ❤️ prepare for the new level of exhaustion with a newborn. Love your channels. ❤️

    26. Karla Colunga


    27. Leslie Landero

      You two the sweetest and you’re going to be amazing parents 😍🤗 Steven treats you like the queen you are ❤️ So loving, supportive, attentive. I love you guys and I can’t wait for your baby to make his debut.

    28. Sylvia Y.

      Typo.. frikkin

    29. Sylvia Y.

      Omg these two are so frisking adorable 😍 they are going to be amazing parents. God bless you Desi may this new journey bring you lots of joy.

    30. wakala

      I remember watching her video on her channel about her miscarriage and now this ive never felt so happy for someone i dont know. God bless u

    31. Mrs. Woodley

      OMG! You guys have inspired me with my journey of infertility! Keep the content coming! I’ve never had the courage to speak out but guys I have been so encouraged that I’ve decided to share my story as well! Please check it out! ❤️ hufast.info/plan/vide/aHy7rKpuzJ_SnZc

    32. Yakaiyastai Gorman-Etl

      Anyone going to point out they both aren’t wearing their rings? 👀

    33. Cynthia Gonzalez

      He looks so handsome 🥰 I mean his parents are both gorgeous !!

    34. Anamaria Ciocotisan

      You guys are just the perfect couple 😍🥰

    35. Heidykinz V

      Super excited & happy for you guys! may god bless your family

    36. Rochelle

      *Asks for opinion on where to put the cot* Steven: Here? Desi: No Meeee😂😂

    37. tazzel10

      “It’s just rude” LMAO

    38. Leeny Loves

      Get that Target coin 👏 $$$

    39. SandyStarzzz

      😍😍😍😍😍 I am so happy for you two. Desi and steven are going to be the best parents to baby Perkins. I can’t wait to see him and watch him grow. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. My son is turning two this month and I cherish every moments❤️

    40. Ashleigh

      Ok but it's been 3 weeks.....

      1. Ashleigh

        @heytrishxo right 😭 I want another 45 min episode

      2. heytrishxo

        Ashleigh Nygaard patiently waiting for the next episode lol hopefully it’s a long one

    41. Jessica M.K.

      "Get as much sleep as you can" means take naps if you can because after the baby comes, you will NEVER sleep as deep anymore. One eye will sleep and the other will be checking on the baby!

    42. Venice

      Congrats on your pregnancy ❤️ Jesus Christ is coming back soon. He loves you dearly and calls for you to come back home to Him. that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. He calls for repentance and belief in the Gospel. It’s time to fully surrender to Christ. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well

    43. WiDi T


    44. Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!

      The “it never stops!” Feeling is why I feel like I’m never gonna feel “ready” to start trying for kids! lol! in the best possible way, things will never be the same hahah

    45. Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!

      He’s getting lower!!! Soon he’ll stop somersaulting and it’s gonna get so real!! Ahh!

      1. Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!

        Spoke too soon haha he’s already head down! Eeeee!

    46. Aimee-Lee

      This is so exciting! I haven’t watched your videos in aaaaaaaaaaages and this is the best news!!! I will say, because it’s not common knowledge, do as many strep tests as you can leading up. Mikhailla Fitzgerald (Glossat) is advocating for it to be normalised as her baby passed away a few days after birth fighting group strep b even though the test was negative at 39 weeks. You can read her story online! Just posting because it doesn’t hurt to let mummas to be know if it saves a life! 💖 All the best with your journey. I can’t wait to see more :-) x

    47. Kristi Thompson

      GIRLLLL. That advice used to low key make me mad because 3rd trimester insomnia kicked my booty but holy heck.. the sleep deprivation with a newborn has hands down been the hardest thing (and I thought I was prepared). I’m almost 7 weeks in and it hasn’t gotten easier for me. Now people tell me “sleep when the baby sleeps” and I’m like but girlllll my baby doesn’t sleep 🤣😑 send help!

    48. Armida M

      Say your mom is you doula so she can be in the delivery room with you she doesn't need certification or anything

    49. Nicole Hernandez

      I love the sound of Stevens voice. He should do a bedtime meditation podcast. I can hear him saying: "take a deep breath in. Relax your shoulders. Close your eyes." Boom I'm sleep. lol

    50. elena408

      “Sleep while you can” or “sleep when baby sleeps”- yeeeaaah no, when my baby was asleep.. I would stay up and watch her sleep because I was soooo in-love!! 🥰🥰

    51. Kae Og

      this makes me so happy. Love you desi

    52. Maria Johnson

      I need Episode 11!! , I love you both!🥰

    53. Wendy S

      I can't get over the fact that people actually thumb down these videos. How sad of a person you have to be.

    54. Nails By Yasmin

      i'm so happy 2020 turned out to be a blessing for you cause honestly its rough out here :( lol but you deserve it!

    55. Nails By Yasmin

      You look so beautiful Desi !!!

    56. Nicolle Sottile

      Inductions almost always end in C-section. No lie.

    57. Nathaniel And Aiden


    58. lilyfentonbrown

      anyone know the name of the song at the beginning?xx

    59. Christine Joy Dela Cruz

      Can it just be october right now?, beyond excited to see li'l Perkins..😍

    60. Suzzett G Alamillo

      Awwwww can’t wait to see the baby ❤️

    61. Kerrie-Ann Scott-Browning

      We need a up date!!!! Ep 11 please, I star my journey on the 8th September you have giving me so much inspiration I can’t thank you guys enough you do a great job and you still gonna make the perfect parents can’t wait to see your wee boy.... Kerrie (Australia)

    62. Amber Testorelli

      A bumbo is amazing, you can throw it on the floor on the table. If you can ever go out to dinner again it is very handy and I used mine all the time. easy to clean and keep sanitary. super light and easy to transport. Although I had one my sisters had one at there home and at my parents as well.

    63. Tati Psiarenko

      Wow she really doesn't let Steven to make a decisions... wow...

    64. Dee Oakley

      I’m so excited for the arrival of your angel...such sweet parents. We all love Target 😊 My Bishop has a new movie (visual sermon) that I would like to share with you and your subscribers www.negativeexposuremovie.com/

    65. Blanca Reyes

      catching up with videos right now. where’s your cover up from? the one you were wearing with your swimsuit and giving pregnancy update. you look so cute pregnant!

    66. Tatiana Leyka Kamupira

      Is it just me or does Steven Perkins look like actor JOE MANGANIELLO ? Also congratulations again!! You are both soo blessed ❤

    67. Linda James

      So Excited for you two 😃 You guy’s will be Awesome Parent’s😊👍🏻🥰

    68. Laurence Dubuc

      does anyone know where i can get the « pillsbury boy » sweatsuit 🥺

    69. Gem B

      Ahhh you guys are so adorable and so happy I love it 🧡💛 it’s so exciting your both glowing

    70. Veronica Larcom

      I agree on the sleep thing! I got better sleep with both my newborns than i did during my third trimester with both of them.

    71. Haawa Osman

      I’m so emotional involved on this journey 😭♥️ I am so happy for them!!

    72. Katherine German

      Congratulations ! You guys are gorgeous! Love the nursery ! Also idk who needed to see this but progesterone cream helped with my unexplainable miscarriages! God blessed me and may God bless y’all !

    73. Jazmiyne Bias

      Omg you look so amazing Desi! I still can’t believe this is really happening🥰🥰🥰

    74. MO3B

      I could totally see y’all coming out with a posh baby line 😍

    75. Londiies

      Aww Desi makes me miss being pregnant 🥺 hope my next one is a boy too

    76. Ruth Jane

      Where is Stevens daddy belly?🤣 looking so beautiful desi🤗

    77. Eboni Stephens

      Let the man make some decisions as well! Geesh it’s a joint effort. Let go of some control 😎

    78. Rina Mae Jabilona

      What camera are you folks using in the baby room?

    79. Somos DNA

      I just adore them! 😍 So truly happy to watch this journey unfold for them!

    80. Kelly Muno

      The lack of sleep during pregnancy is NOTHING compared to what is about to come... soon you'll understand why people keep saying that. Sleep deprivation literally turned me into a different person at times!

    81. Lady VIP

      💖💖💖Entanglement 😂✨✨✨

    82. cubanjewlzz

      I have 3 kids and missy you get no sleep! But you Have help with your mom so you will be good. Unfortunately I have no help except my hubby. But we are making it happen 😉

    83. Sarah Flores

      Your due date is one day after my birthday! Yayy baby Perkins is gonna be a Libra! ♎️ 💙💙💙💙 love you guys!!

    84. Selena D

      Do you have a PO BOX if we want to purchase from your registry?😘

    85. Elizabeth Boin


    86. elemzy

      Congratulations to your new bundle of joy

    87. Alondra Evans

      I can’t wait to meet baby Perkins I’m counting the days 😭💕

      1. Alondra Evans

        bilias hour I cried for 30 minutes straight when I found out she was pregnant finally 😂

    88. Liz Ludwig

      I know desi will make a super cute nursery but I wish mr Kate did it! I just love seeing mr Kate with my fav youtubers

    89. Lauren Rootsaert

      I did my registry at the beginning of my second trimester! When did ya'll do yours??

    90. vanessa pablo

      I can tell you that mom tired is definitely different than being tired now while you're pregnant. Lol I can't believe you are in the 3rd trimester. I cant wait to see him.

    91. Ivanna Marin

      Hot mama to Pillsbury dough boy, love it haha

    92. Nanea Haasenritter

      You guys are goals ❤️ I love your love

    93. Stella George

      Your doctor and sonographer seemed really nice and cheerful 😊👌

    94. Danielle Valdez

      So happy for you guys ♥️♥️

    95. Geanina Rodriguez

      Congrats! So happy for you! Babies are such blessings! You will be great parents!

    96. Merari Cortez

      “I just need you to sit there and look cute for me” 😂😂😂

    97. emily schwellenbach

      Good luck you guys

    98. Sharky Estelle

      I did my baby registry right before my baby shower (I was in the third trimester when I did it too lol)

    99. Laura I Ordoñez


    100. Steffi Salazar

      I am literally crying in every episode!