Our Fertility Journey: Episode 5

The Perkins

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    Our fifth addition to our new series. The last week has been like a dream for us. The amount of beautiful messages we received have been so overwhelming. We can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for this blessing. The journey has been long and difficult but being here now, all I can say is that it was worth it. I want to thank you all for how amazing you have been.
    Oh yeah If you have gender reveal ideas leave them down in the comments.
    -The Perkins
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    1. The Perkins

      Boy or Girl ... What do you think?

      1. Arlene Garcia

        Girl💗 you are wearing pink here.

      2. Thriftin_n_Flippin

        I say boy. He will be the protective big brother for the daughter they WILL have.💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

      3. Sascha Brown

        Little baby giiiirl 💖

      4. Yesenia T


      5. MlleMariebarka


    2. Jessica L McDaniel

      Beautiful...so beautiful. Watching this journey with the Perkins has made me fall in love with them. This family is so sweet. God Bless you 💝

    3. Jocelyn S

      Okay can we all agree that Steven is the greatest guy on the planet 🥺

    4. Gianina451

      Did you use a massage gun after the progesterone shots?

    5. Paige Popple

      Watching this in jan 2021 - The lockdown didn’t end when Desi was 5 months pregnant - She gave birth to Ocean whilst the pandemic is still going currently Just for the future kids and their assignments 😂😘

    6. jocelyn ramirez

      where are your mask?

    7. Loati

      Considering they live together that rule in the ob is pretty useless and unnecessary but Oh well

    8. Yvette Carbajal

      Coronavirus and pregnancy so scary and sad having to go alone especially with your first 😔🥺😭

    9. Morgan Isabella

      HOW I GOT PREGNANT.. I have been married since 9 years without any child. My Fallopian tubes was blocked I tried everything possible to get pregnant nothing was working. I visited so may hospital's my problem never seems to end I lost hope and feel depress. One faithful day I start checking online on how to get pregnant in the comment section people were testifying about how they get result with Dr Ebhota.. I was surprised about the testimony and I decided to approach him about my own issue after talking to him he said I need some medication from him after I got the medication from him I got pregnant and gave birth. If you want to talk to Dr Ebhota contact him on WhatsApp+2349036317149 or email him drebhota123456@gmail.com

    10. Amber McFadden

      During my pregnancy the foods I love I loved 10x more but then foods I already hated I hated that much more. No tomatoes for me🤣💞

    11. Jeremy Dela Cruz

      she’s all in pink.....girl?

    12. Selena Alfaro

      The Dr is sooo good ugh i love himmm like obviously its his job but he just gives off amazing vibes and is so comforting

    13. yemenat

      I’m SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO, I MEAN THREE, your baby was waiting for you to hear him, just as he was hearing you!! On another note your fertility doctor sounds like Dwayne the rock Johnson 😂

    14. kayles091

      Lol “to think I’ll be five months pregnant when we are out of quarantine” ohhhhh what innocent times 😂😂😭

    15. JHP Limited

      All I ate when I was pregnant was tomatoes

    16. Teresa Menacho

      Charlie knows 🐶

    17. Kiki

      Thank the Lord I found a private OBGN that does allow family members into the appointments and ultrasounds. That would be awful if my husband couldn't be there with me.

    18. Brandy Evans

      God you guys are going to be, well ALREADY are, amazing parents. It’s not just what happens after baby is born, but how you treat the baby and yourselves while it’s growing!! I am so so happy for you two!! You guys deserve this and thanks for allowing us on this journey with you!! #BestSeriesOnHUfast. 6 :54 Anybody else noticing the unattended bag just chilling on the sidewalk?? Also, When Desi was sleeping beautifully in the car( lol not many of us half that cute sleeping) I noticed(it might be on and just the strap behind her) it looked like she didn’t have a seatbelt on. Not to be a nagging Mom but NEVER ever forget to put that on!! Always remind reach other to do it PLEEAAASSE💙💗 I’ve noticed a lot of people filming in cars and they are all just hanging out in cabs or limos or Ubers and not wearing a seatbelt. It makes my heart skip and beat as I tell at the phone PUT YHE SEATBELT ON and then pray I don’t see people flying in the video. It seems like a lot of times it’s when people aren’t in their own personal vehicle, I think people just forget to do it when they get into a vehicle they aren’t used to. Love you 3!! It happens, there has been a time we all forgery to do it. Just want y’all as safe as possible!!

    19. Sheena Kellie

      And another thing, went I was pregnant with my daughter I was tired all the time and with my sons I was always full of energy

    20. Sheena Kellie

      It’s a girl with that heartbeat 174 my daughter was 165 and up and all four of my sons were 130 and under!

    21. Vanessa Tortoledo

      It’s a boy the doctor said he when looking at the baby

    22. Alicia L

      HMM I wonder lol..

    23. Ada Breeding

      Hi Desi! I’ve watched your makeup vids throughout the years and I stumbled upon your fertility journey today. My husband and I are also going through fertility problems and I am just so happy for you and your husband! Just sitting on my couch crying through all these videos! ❤️

    24. Joy Joy

      U have to do it for safety of baby just do what u said u need to do it but FaceTime is still a good option! Please stay safe guys good take off clothes immediately from outside shower u guys got thru the hardest part!,, this ain’t nothing smooth sailing from here,!!!! Be safe and healthy love u all!

    25. High Ness

      Everyone needs a Steven! 😭😍

    26. Colipopkola

      Omg yes Steven for husband of the year! I love how he's so excited just looking at you and ready to be a dad! So cute! Man I bet with all the new rules under quarantine its has to be super hard to go into these health places and not be able to have a love one there. It blew my mind hearing stories about people not being able to be in the room with some who is sick and possibly not going to live. That they couldn't be with them during their last moments. I hope you guys will be able to see your baby born together. That broke my heart to hear Desi cried out in the hall. But I understand it's very upsetting! I can only imagine how nothing you felt in that moment.

    27. Jasmin Pomares

      Omg Desi a minute and 1:40 seconds in and girl IM CRYING OF HAPPINESS FOR THE BOTH OF YOU! sending so much love and positivity 💛🌻


      Her doctors are so sweet 😣😣😣😣

    29. Jamie F

      Steven just makes me wanna cry my eyes out every single time

    30. Laura van Monsjou

      “ate and slept... ate and slept...” LOVE IT 😂😂😂😂

    31. Elida Espinoza

      For this reason if I get pregnant and this pandemic is still around I'm having a midwife come to me and I'm having a home birth

    32. El y sofia Fernández


    33. Kacie Green

      I love watching your journey. Gives me so much hope! You will be amazing parents 🥰 so happy for you guys xxx

    34. Gigi 99

      I met you in Nordstrom Vancouver. This baby will be so lucky. You will be wonderful and amazing parents. This will change you forever, as its the best thing in life. Congratulations Desi and Steven.

    35. Kolour Gen


    36. Jessica Brown

      Totally a girl!♥️ I had the same tomato craving when I was pregnant with my daughter! I hated tomatoes my whole life up until I got pregnant with her. I absolutely love your guys story!♥️ crocodile tears every episode 😭♥️ so beyond happy for you guys♥️😘😘😘

    37. Vegas Rebel

      You guys should do an ivf giveaway

    38. Angelina D

      Hearing your baby’s heartbeat is when I lost it I bursted into tears 🥺 congratulations Desi and Steve 💕

    39. SONBON1

      I’m thinking you’re having a boy. 💙

    40. Rachael Battocchi

      I hope and pray that I have someone like Stephen one day 🙏

    41. Mandy Trout

      Ginger root supplements for naseau!!

    42. ash ash

      These are the most beautiful videos🥰

    43. Morgan Voorhees

      A girl?

    44. penelope

      I have 4 children and grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes heirloom tomatoes were always what I craved. I would buy 2 cartons and finish one before I even got home from the store. Great memories! My last pregnancy was a set of twin girls in 1986.

    45. Keren Lopez

      Omg with every video I watch I’m in sooo many tears 😭. I genuinely feel sooooo happy for them!!!! 🥰🥰🥰

    46. april lawson

      Thank you for sharing your story ! ❤ starting ivf in 9 weeks and this gives me hope x congratulations... you had me crying though out every episode...

    47. Cinn Luu

      Desi’s pregnancy videos are the only ones that seem to make me cry. Their so touching and it’s so beautiful god has given them this blessing.

    48. Stephanie Cunningham

      aww desi you're glowing

    49. Stephanie Cunningham

      lol so funny hes like i got you on a timer girl lollllllllllllllllll so funny

    50. Stephanie Cunningham

      the way steven looks at you the way you talk and he watches you its so sweet

    51. Stephanie Cunningham

      omg you both are so amazing

    52. Stephanie Cunningham


    53. Kristin Guthrie

      Oddly enough. I didn't feel the vibe with the first obgyn either lol. I'm late to the game, I've been following your other channel for a while now and I just want to say how happy I am for you guys. I needed these videos. 🖤

    54. Nala Loves

      Tomatoes were my earliest and strongest pregnancy craving! I woke up one night at 3am to go eat tomatoes 🍅 😆

    55. Mommasglamtoo

      I had a Mexican Coca Cola 1ce a week through my whole pregnancy, lol. My daughter is coocoo! Lol. But it did mess with her sugar when she was born. Quarantine babies, omg, my sister is pregnant and my sister in law and my cousins girlfriend. I never thought about all this restrictions affecting something so special like this. 😢😢

    56. Mommasglamtoo

      She has ALL the symptoms I had with my daughter.

    57. Mommasglamtoo

      It’s a girl!! Awwww 😭😭😭😭😭

    58. Thriftin_n_Flippin

      Currently watching every episode and I'm a heap of happy tears. I feel so much joy for The Perkins Family ❤❤

    59. krissel daniel

      She gives me so much hope! I've had 3 miscarriages & im now seeing a fertility specialist! I know it will be alot but seeing this i know it will be worth it in the end ❤😭

      1. Claire Campbell

        Wishing you the best of luck 💛

      2. Emma Star

        sending happy thoughts for you and your journey❤️

    60. Jamilah Stephens

      Does steven have a brother? asking for all the women!!! So happy for you both! thank you for allowing us on your journey! Congratulations!!!

    61. Jackie M.

      I totally thought it was a girl 💕💕💕

    62. Alexa Quiroz

      Does anyone know what the doctor she talked to at the office profession is I find this really interesting and would really love to know!

    63. Raylene Nicole

      Get his heart beat recorded in a stuffed animal so you can forever hear that beautiful sound 💙

    64. Ashley Taylor

      I def think its a girl

    65. Nicole Koz

      Not allowing spouses to these appointments causes so much unnecessary heartache. It’s their baby just as much as it is the moms. Then breaking the rule but saying he can’t come to future appointments makes absolutely no sense. They’re already exposed to him so might as well allow him to keep coming! No logic to any of this covid crap everyone’s just making their own rules up as they go. Ugh sorry just had to say that as someone who’s also going through these appointments alone. I’ve been binge watching your journey and am so happy for you regardless

    66. Kasandra Williams

      Steve actually revealed the gender @ 27:14

    67. Janet Bermudez

      Trust me! Your guys gender reveal was really cute and unique! 👏🏼💙💯💙

    68. Emily

      Im literally watching this right now and i got to the end where you say you want to reveal but in a cute way, and i thought to myself, i wonder if shes posted it yet? I went to check and at the time I saw it, it said 1 minute ago!! CONGRATS TO YOUR BABY BOY YOU GUYS! Bless you all with health and eternal love!!!

    69. itzel castelan

      It’s a Boy for sure.

    70. Marissa Whetsell

      I’m waiting for the day when Harper tries to get on your big belly and just rolls right off.

    71. Jessica Burkel

      I cannot thank you enough for documenting this. Families all over need fertility to be out on the open.

    72. Antonia Torres

      I'm so happy for you both. But i really felt this video because I'm four months pregnant and my husband and I are so excited because we've waited so long to be pregnant. But since the pandemic my husband has not been able to be there with me for not one of my appointments all he gets to see is the ultrasounds which he appreciates but he also wants to hear the heartbeat and see the baby move during my ultrasounds . It deeply saddens me that we can't both enjoy the experience together right now but we're still very happy and i just hope soon he'll be able to be there with me for my appointments. Thank you for sharing this beautiful journey with everyone💚

    73. Chelsea Fiore

      I cried such happy tears for you and your family! Steven and you are such good partners! Congrats I’m praying for all the good things for you! You are strong girl!

    74. Vernon Furman

      26:51 11:17 15:09

    75. ally henderson

      I think it’s a girl! I felt like I heard the doctors through the “her” word around

      1. odaliz paz

        I feel like she is

    76. Kenny Plasencia


    77. Kenny Plasencia

      I cannot tell you much i felt towards the end of this video. I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND the emotional roller coaster your mind goes through when the doctor's office tells you that your partner cannot go with you. IT'S TOUGH MAN!!!

    78. Stacey Toun

      PROPER DOCUMENTATION, can’t stop me 😹

    79. Virgo EJO

      Beautiful Perkins Heiress Loading 💗

    80. Jessica Zambrano


    81. Carolina Lopez

      Wait til they place her on your chest for the first time. One of the best feelings. I lost it when your little one was moving her hands around!

    82. Mel Phillips


    83. Theresa Drumm

      A girl.... 💖 high heart rate...

    84. courtney wearmouth


    85. ClassyCass10

      Steve said him!!! It’s a boy!!! 💙

    86. Laura Benitez

      Team BOY 💙

    87. Felicia

      Ugh, I feel for you all. I work in OBGYN and when we had to do the same to our patients it was such a hard adjustment for us. So hard. But I’m so happy for you guys!


      You should look into doing a home delivery. A little water delivery.

    89. Brianna Nicole


    90. DongPo MHC

      hufast.info/plan/vide/d36rlL6bsqq0ook hubby's glee upon hearing her say "my boobs are massive" Lol

    91. Monro

      Team Girl! (But most importantly team healthy baby) 👶🏽🎀👼🏽💞

    92. Michelle Fontes

      I want someone to want me to have their baby as badly as Steven wants Desi to have his😭😭

    93. Melanie Mena


    94. Alina Fonseca

      So happy for you sending lots of love and bendiciones

    95. Shivanna Phagu


    96. Sebastian Creed

      It’s definitely a boy

    97. Vivian Quero

      Think it’s a boy. I was listening to the doctor and I think I heard him say he.

    98. Mary Catherine Beath

      Def think it’s a bit!

      1. Mary Catherine Beath


    99. Izzy Santiago