Our Fertility Journey: Episode 2

The Perkins

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    Our second addition to our new series. We want to thank all of you for your heartwarming response to the first episode. It brought so much love and light to our lives. We can't cover even a fragment of gratitude we have for all of you. Your support hasn't gone unseen. Thank you all once again for being the kind and loving people you all are.
    -The Perkins
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    1. Trang Pham

      My doctor told me I had a 10% chance of success with perfect IUI and I was like "So it means I would have to try 10 times in hope of 1 time being successful at getting pregnant?". My doctor was like yep. I turned to my husband and told him I can't mentally deal with that; so we went straight to IVF. I totally understand the feel when the doctor's office seems like home to you. It'd be like that.

    2. Lola Rodgers

      I’m in a much different place but appreciate this journey - I’ve been with my partner for 11 years and we were content without kids for now. We are 28 and we started to “try” aka stop using contraceptive. I didn’t realize how depressed and anxious I was so after a month I didn’t want to continue. I had been throwing up from anxiety so it didn’t cross my mind I was pregnant but I was. I’ve been sick every day and also have some issues causing me pain (a hernia in my Fallopian tube) they thought I was having an ectopic pregnancy but everything was great. I’m at a place where I am debating abortion since we aren’t financially stable just recently and I’m so scared. But I can’t stand the thought of not grasping onto this experience that others deserve so much more than I do. I just want to be a good mom and be able to support my child and I’m so worried that won’t happen.

    3. lollsazz

      So sad seeing someone who has tried for so long to have such a hard journey, and then someone gets pregnant when they don't want it... I wish those people could just switch :/

    4. TheMrsStepgirl

      I wish I had my hubby beside me during and after IUI. I felt so lonely, scared, empty...

    5. Kari Boudreaux

      Desi, I specifically remember that video, that fall, I think you were reviewing the Urban Decay Cherry palette and did a monochromatic look, and I had no idea you were going through this! I was a New follower then and randomly watched that one...

    6. Yessie A

      This whole series needs to seriously be on TV... such a great documentary series.

    7. Kiran Imran

      I cried last night watching your fertility journey. thank you for sharing your vulnerability. I'm healing from unspoken loss. My first hand experience was something I don't wanna share here. (unfortunate experience) but I wanna say, you people are blessed to have each other.

    8. Gino Marks

      8:00 Everything she said is exactly how i feel 🙏

    9. Gino Marks

      This has help me in my infertility journey that I am not alone🙏

    10. thandeka biyela

      I'm so sorry you had to go through this 🥺 I pray God blesses you all🥺❤️

    11. Arleen Reynoso

      As a labor and delivery I’m privileged to see these parents who have gone through this very tough and humbling journey bring in their little ones and the best moment is when they get to hold their baby for the first time, the love Seeping out is contagious. Women are warriors we need to do better at supporting one another. You guys will be such amazing parents! Your partnership is everything!

    12. Brianna Hale

      Thank you so so so SO much for using your large channel to speak about infertility!!! It is SO hard to live through and even harder to talk about. So many of us feel so alone, even with such an awesome husband, it is such a heartbreaking and lonely journey. Thank you for sharing your story and being open and honest about the toll it takes!

    13. Loredana Manciu

      I am trying to watch all the videos from this series, but every single time i cry...i ask myself the same question - what is wrong with me? Why i have to hurt so much for this, why i can t be a normal woman? Because of covid situation i couldn t do a little surgery ....and now...now i am affraid to try...before the codiv (march 2020) i was so ready to do this step and move on with analyzes...


      I can relate to you 100% my son was a clomid baby, he is now 5. We tried to give it another go it’s been three years nothing has worked so we finally decided to do IVF! It is so heartbreaking when somebody asks when are you going to give him a sibling? Why don’t you guys have another? You don’t want them so far apart? . Or the best one of them all you just need to stop trying it will happen on its own!!! I wish people could just understand.

    15. Sandra Gomez

      Omg Desi when you explained your traumatic experience at that other facility 🥺😭😭😭 That sounds like some ridiculous malpractice in that bitch. How the hell could they put women through that!? Inserting a catheter 5x!? Inserting one into a woman is harder than it is for a male but they failed big time there.. For those who don't understand, it is a ridiculously uncomfortable process. I am so so sorry you had to deal with that love.

    16. Reina Hanafian

      I had to watch for a second time your video. I had my first IUI on the 07/26/20 this week on Monday 08/10/20 had blood work and got the call with a negative results :( doctor suggested to do a second IUI, I’m going to do it if this doesn’t work because of my endometriosis I’ll go for the IVF, hope this will work. Thanks for sharing your fertility journey.

    17. cierra nicole

      Watching your series scares me. I know everyone has there own journey but I'm scared to pay 1300 for an iui and it not work when its half of my savings and it not work. I think I'm just go to ng to have to come up with enough for ivf. Because I would be so devestated to lose over half of my savings when I should have just saved up for ivf

    18. Carol

      I find it weird those parts where they are talking but not looking into the camera as if there was an interviewer there loll

    19. Sabaah Hazo

      As I am watching this I have just started my 2nd course of Clomid, I am truly grateful that you have made this series because for the first time I feel like I am not alone... nothing feels more horrible than watching that pregnancy test stay negative and just holding your emotions because you have to be strong not only for your journey but your partner as well. I honestly pray that who ever suffers from infertility will one day hold a beautiful healthy baby in their arms 🙏🏻❤️


      This is honestly to comforting to know that a lot of women go through hardships like this. I admire Desi and Steven for sharing their infertility journey. And now I’m so happy that they will have their baby boy soon. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby naturally as well, haven’t tried medically yet. Also how weird is it, I googled how old is Desi since the Doctor mentioned that she’s still young and found out that her birthday is March 3rd which is my husband’s birthday and Steven’s birthday is May 9th which is my birthday?! I’m honestly shocked 😮 🥰

    21. Heidi Hayworth

      Steven is so sweet and supportive!! Watching this im so happy knowing that baby boy is on the way!!

    22. Grace

      this series is really interesting to me because i was adopted because my mom couldn't have children. my mom and i never talked about everything that shes been through or the number of miscarriages shes had... so this puts it into perspective. also, your healthcare provider seems very respectful, knowledgeable, and considerate. I've seen him on KUWTK and I'm glad to see he treats all his clients the same.

    23. Stacy Dickinson

      the men and their "struggles"............. they have been practicing their whole pubescent years for this.. It's soooo good to have an amazing partnership in the journey to pregnancy

    24. Alyssa 79

      U have the best husband desi!!! U guys are perfect for each other 💙🥰

    25. Danixa Semorile

      Desi and Steven I am keeping you in my prayers during your journey. Just know Desi that you are amazing, you are beautiful and so so brave and strong!! Wherever this journey leads you both, I am certain God will always protect you and he will always be with you. My prayers are with you both. I pray God gives you the courage, and blesses your womb for that baby you both desire so much!! I love you Desi!!♥️

    26. gfvixie


    27. Diamond Tia

      Where do you find a Stephen? I’m suffering out here y’all x

    28. Vegas Rebel

      I've also had an hsg test to check if my tubes were blocked it came out normal but I cant afford the ivf. Infertility is so frustrating. I cant wait for the day for me to become a mother

    29. Vegas Rebel

      I've been going through infertility for almost 8 years. We have been trying for six but cant afford ivf. These videos hit home soooooo hard for me.

    30. Esra Dogan

      So crazy ! 3 big channels on HUfast dealing with infertility after so many years are all having babies this year! Truly a miracle for you all! My mum went through the same thing , 9 years of infertility, told she would never have a baby even after going through IVF , then she got pregnant with me and i stayed ! I was a miracle baby ! And I know what you are talking about when you said you were depressed, I have had major depressive disorder for 14 years , so I totally get it , it’s horrible and you want to do anything to stop it . But Congratulations guys! So so so happy for you both ! You must be so so happy ! 😘😘

    31. liz jonas

      Thank you so much for making this series. I am going through this right now and I have not seen anything online that speaks more true to what I have been feeling. Thank you for being so brave and sharing your journey and the truth behind the out of body experience you feel and learning every version of yourself over and over. This journey exposes different versions of your mind body and soul and you captured your experience so well. Once again, thank you. By watching your videos it made me feel like there was some type of connection, that someone else felt the way I feel right now, because nobody in my life has went through anything like this. Its an extremely lonely experience and I know you wanted to reach people who are going through the same things as you and you defiantly did within me. Thank you.

    32. Nicole Majeau

      I know you can't possibly read through all these comments, but I haven't even finished the episode but I had to stop when you were describing your SHG. That is just so unacceptable and I can't believe you went through that. My doctor for the SHG knew I was at my breaking point and they didn't even get my second tube to spill but they were confident that it would (we were doing IVF anyways so I don't actually need good tubes per se). That said, they did the thing that holds your cervix open for me twice because it came off once so when it came off the second time, I was readying myself to have another go, and my doctor said, "no, no, we're not going to do it to you again". We were a conveyor belt of women that day since my clinic schedules them all on one day at a hospital and we were in and out in 10 minutes. When you said an hour, I screamed at my laptop. Just no. I can't believe you went through that.

    33. Nanthini Kunasehgar

      Screw all couple goals but this is legit couple goals!!!

    34. Stephanie Cunningham

      Lol I went to the grocery store and I missed you lol omggggg hahaha that’s so cute and that was a good explanation if you weren’t pregnant

    35. Stephanie Cunningham

      Lol twerk back there omg Steven haha

    36. Stephanie Cunningham

      I’m so happy you have Steven because he’s so sweet and is so nice with you. He loves you and is just there for you and careful.

    37. Souheir Aichiouene

      People are actually so dumb. Who thinks it’s a good idea to tell a women “you look pregnant” when she hasn’t announced it herself yet.

    38. Ashley Wickens

      So relatable. I’m catching up on your journey, sitting here crying. You guys are great ❤️

    39. katerynabeauty

      I had the test to check if my Fallopian tubes were open. It was more painful than childbirth, the worse experience I’ve had

    40. Tamika Carrillo

      I’m so glad a found your channel! I’m currently going through the same thing. Just had my first IUI 4 days ago. I’m just trying to stay positive.

    41. Alexa Quiroz

      Does anyone know what the doctor she talked to at the office profession is I find this really interesting and would really love to know!

    42. Norma C

      Wow . I just started watching your journey. Sending Soo much love to you both ❤️

    43. trening Calpis

      thx u so much for sharing this. going throug ivf too. 🙏🏼

    44. Sweet_irish_whispers ASMR

      PCOS warrior here, I feel for you guys so much. I came here after seeing your baby boy announcement 💙 so happy for you both! You waited so long for this happiness. I’m so delighted for you. Also, thank you for touching on the subject of people assuming pregnancy or if you want a baby or if you thought of adoption etc etc etc.. people need to just SHUSH 🤐 🤫 I love that you guys felt comfortable to show the nitty gritty of fertility treatments. The mood issues with the drugs. The 2 week wait... the endless 2 week wait. Well done to you both! ❤️

    45. V St

      Desi, I went through something similar. I had a missed miscarriage at the age of 20 at 19 weeks pregnant. I don’t remember much from the time that I was in labor in the hospital, but one thing that sticks out to me is my night nurse telling me “My daughter would be 13 now.” Today, my son would be 8, and I now have a one year old living son. Thank you for being so open about this, most women have a similar story, but we don’t talk about it. The pain never fully goes away, you just kind of heal around it. I’m so happy for you, and I’m wishing you all love and happiness.

    46. Kindra Shalynn Haimberger

      My husband made jokes before the IUIs that were so inappropriate but they made me laugh and it definitely helped me cope. He would say, "I have the hard part. I have to j*zz in a cup and present it to the ladies at the front desk." We lived about a half mile from our clinic so atleast he could do that part at home. 🤣

    47. Janet Bermudez

      You’re such a super momma! ❤️

    48. Harvey Durrett

      10:34 13:27 02:51

    49. Daphne Hulst

      my mom had to do all of this to get me, i already respect her so mutch but this makes me respect her it even more ! you are so strong!!

    50. Kelly

      Obsoletely adore and respect how they kept the goofiness/ humor intact regardless of all the different emotions going through both of them 🥺

    51. Tiffany Zaman

      Watched this video AFTER I found out I have to see a fertility doctor, and I was referred to a doctor, and I came to your video and it's the same doctor I'm scheduled with! Thanks so much for making this

    52. Lorraine Drohan

      I love the fact how you both accepted the situation and found some fun aspects. Bloating is awful and painful. Many women suffer bloating especially when chemicals in the form of drugs are put into our bodies. I love how you both are so open with each other and willing to adopt. I just know you both will make amazing parents and be able to provide an incredible life-style for your babies. Showering them with so much love as well as having your wonderful strong, open-minded attitude will be a great characteristic to pass onto your kids. Wishing you so much love and sending Angel Blessings to you both.

    53. Zaira Quintana

      Just to think I have to pass thru all this...😭

    54. Stef

      you both are super heroes! i love you guys and wish you both the best. i love watching your videos, they give me a huge sense of happiness. you are an amazing woman desi!!!

    55. MaiseFitLife

      How the fuck is someone disliking this video???? I love you both!!!!!!!

    56. Jazmin P

      9:36 Steven gets it!

    57. Eniya Bradford

      I hate when ppl ask me when I’m going to get pregnant we’ve been trying for 2 years now so I definitely can understand that!

    58. Foxymama 2003

      What I am so thrilled with about this series is that Stephen is giving a voice to all the men who get so overlooked in this process! My husband was a rock but when our 2nd niece was born, he broke down sobbing and my dad became his rock. None of the fertility treatments including IVF worked for us but after 12 years, we adopted our beautiful son at birth! It was so strange because we had given up and a friend of our family called me saying a friend of hers was putting her baby up for adoption and had chosen us because of how much our family friend had told her about us. That was 17 years ago. Thank you guys for helping other couples like us see how hard the road is and what blessings truly are!

    59. Arlette Gutierrez

      Omg!! These episodes are awesome!! Like a tv show. My eyes were filled with tears when you were about to give the results for the 3rd time!! And it was negative I thought it was going to to be POSITIVE!! I just can’t wait to see all of the episodes!! I want to skip to the last one but I don’t want to miss anything either !!!

    60. Miss Haute Chip

      I had a male jerk colleague asked me, when do I plan on having children.... wtf. I’ve been going through ivf for years and then I tried acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Still nothing. Back to ivf I guess. This is shit.

    61. Tauri

      As a guy, my wife and I have been struggling to conceive for the last 4 years. We've had 2 early miscarriages and 2 chemical pregnancies. We are now looking at our options medically and so far this series has been a great help. I know it's helped my wife mentally to see that she isn't the only one who goes through this and for my part it has been so helpful to understand exactly what these procedures will be like for her. Stephen is a great guy and I 100% relate to his helplessness. You guys are great.

    62. Laurie Gaspar

      You went to the grocery store and I said I fucking missed you 😂 so cute!

    63. Olivia Masters

      I work at a spa and you have no idea how many guests would straight up just say “I know you’re not supposed to ask someone if you’re pregnant, but are you pregnant?” Like stating that doesn’t make it suddenly ok to ask wtf, even up to the point where I was 8 months & visibly showing like obviousfuckingly but who raised you 🙄

    64. Luzmila Hernandez

      You have no idea how sharing your story is going to help all the people going through the same thing. Thank you. Blessings to the both of you. ❤️

    65. cheyISdaWildONE deeHOTchild

      I love you guys so much.. Desi and Steve are amazing, I appreciate you sharing your JOURNEY with us. WOW! You both are so wonderful. LOVE YOU GUYS! xo

    66. Azreal Amor

      I wish future Desi could go back to the past Desi and tell her... we did it...

    67. Riya Barde

      I love sassy desi, God. I love watching this , I love how strong you both are.

    68. LM Beauty

      You are both so brave to put your story out there. Thank you for being so vulnerable, so many couples need to know that they are not alone. I wish these were around when I was going through my journey.

    69. Julia Anaya

      this dr. was also there for Khloe kardashian

    70. luvelyme07

      As women we should take into consideration other women. We don’t know each other’s stories. We shouldn’t be quick to jump & ask the typical question that society has set, “when are you having a baby?” “Don’t you want kids?” “Are you pregnant yet?” Time is ticking hurry and have a baby” we don’t know if our questions or words can hurt another woman. Pls be mindful when asking women anything regarding pregnancy bc we don’t know what someone is going through.

    71. NaiLysse Stratton

      Okay so I’m now watching the series!! So happy, sad, all the emotions. Great to see into what this has been like for them as a couple, really beautiful, an eye opening. Also editing 👌🏽👏🏽. BUTTTT can we talk about desi serving us wealth in her confessions 💜😭👏🏽

    72. Aliah Martinez

      They got such a beautiful marriage , she has such a rare kind of man . I know she had to be so grateful for him . God bless them both and their journey

    73. Ash and Kel

      i just finished watching the first episode and now this one and everything you say is EXACTLY how i feel. It hits close to home. I had to stop trying temporarily but starting back up again soon. Still on the journey and hopefully will get there soon. Thank you so much for putting this for all of us to see. You really have captured exactly the way i feel and although it is sad, it is nice to know other people are going through it.

    74. nikole Muckle

      So flipping happy for yous, you’ll be the best mother desi!! Lots of love xxxxx

    75. NessaPotato

      I hope that the people who leave those rude and insensitive comments like “you’re pregnant”, watch this and realize just how rude and unnecessary and insensitive they truly are. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT SOMEONE IS GOING THROUGH!!! Imagine telling a complete stranger on the internet that they’re pregnant when you know nothing about their personal life? Can’t relate 😤

    76. BeautyLove

      Dr sounds like the guy from khan academy omg 👀

    77. Jasmine Torres

      Here i am, crying again

    78. Zig FitMama

      Please tell the doctor to stop referring people to that Fallopian tube facility - they sound awful and I feel like they should not be allowed to do that to women. I got so mad for you when you recounted that desi. You shouldn’t have to go through that on top of everything else you were going through.

    79. A Ric

      This is an example of a wonderful husband.

    80. A Ric

      I’m feeling so much compassion right now...

    81. Lezlie Ayona Leyva

      Thank you guys for sharing your story with the world this is something everyone can learn from and so many other couples as well are going through this. You guys are soo strong for sharing this part of your lives. 🙏🏼

    82. AmyFrahn


    83. Kat Sotiriou

      You should complain about that HSG that's completely unprofessional

    84. Gaby Doss

      Getting comments from coworkers, family, and friends of “when are you getting pregnant” is the worst. My last job I was surrounded by 3 women who were pregnant and everyone in the office commented on “when are you next” or “be careful drinking the water”. Those comments hut because deep down they don’t know what I am going through and the pain that those comments did to me. Comments hurt and I am sorry you had to go through that. I always laughed with a fake smile and cried in the bathroom:/ Such an awful feeling.

    85. itsBRENNAE

      THIS IS EVERYTHING! My husband and i prayed for you all way back years ago. I’ll never forget the day, coming out of the gym you hit my heart so hard Desi and we prayed on the SPOT and look at you NOW! It’s so amazing to see a baby 👶🏽 finally come to fruition! So so happy for you two!!

    86. Leta Carter

      Omg! I can’t imagine the way you were feeling with your HSG. I perform those from time to time and our OB drs are fantastic. None of the up n down for the camera or in n out with the catheters. That’s just insane to me. My empath heart is just breaking for all the shit you went through. I’m so glad you are finally pregnant. You deserve this child❤️

    87. Yurivia Valenzuela Rubio

      I didn’t know this was out I’m over here binge watching all emotional.. I had my gallbladder removed and I’m trying not to cry cus it hurts when I make my stomach flinch 😥

    88. Luxsika Senthilkumaran

      "you're psyching yourself," am I the only one who thinks Steven is annoying... and seriously downplays how much she is going through. Her hormones are so out of wack it is something he can never understand, the chemical imbalance takes such a huge toll on your psyche.

    89. purple angel

      Be strong 💜💗you guys

    90. Miss L.

      Steven is a sweetheart 🥺💙 and they both have such relaxing voices. Your baby will easily fall asleep lol I’m watching this after I saw her announcement on IG. CONGRATULATIONS 😭💕💕💕 can’t wait to see your lil family grow🤍🤍🤍

    91. electrictwilight

      That moment at 5:40.

    92. Yesenia hernandez

      I admire you both during this hardship. 11:23 has me in tears. Your hope is so hopeful. I love your perseverance through your journey Desi.

    93. Daniel Kleeman

      Does everyone else wish they had a Steven in their life? looks and emotional wise haha

    94. Farah Alea Radzuan

      i need to know why didnt you guys do ivf straight away ?

    95. kkaidohfan

      I remember getting the HSG too, it was so uncomfortable and I started crying thinking all the discomfort I had to go through to get pregnant. It was also normal so left me wondering what was wrong with my body! It's so tough isn't it!

    96. Lucero

      It’s insane the things that go on behind closed doors, I’ve never been as sad for someone I don’t personally know but I admire your strength and courage so much and I am soooo happy you’re finally expecting. I literally cried when I saw your IG post on Mother’s Day. Congratulations to you both! I know you will make amazing parents!!!

    97. kristyn bryan

      Im so so so obsessed with this series right now I watched the fourth one first and now I'm back watching but I'm OBSESSED!!!

    98. Selena Mora

      Oh Desi I feel for you so much. Fertility treatments SUCK! I went thru 6 rounds of clomid getting to the highest dose they had and they all failed. I had an HSG and it was awful! After 6 non stop months of treatments we decided to take a break. Long story short, I had some medical issues arise & had a surgery to correct it & got pregnant right after with no treatment! It was crazy! My miracle baby just turned 1! Congrats to you & Steven on your baby!

    99. At Fiorattiii

      I just watch this and cry the whole time 😔

    100. Diana Romero

      I adore you guys and I don't personally even know you guys 💗