Our Fertility Journey: Episode 4

The Perkins

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    Our fourth addition to our new series. Our journey has been beyond difficult, but it's also been a blessing-a blessing because we knew that sharing our journey could give anyone here thats struggling with infertility a moment to feel that they're not alone in this. We wanted to provide support and knowledge to whoever needed it. Reading your words through this process have been very endearing, supportive and kind. We could not have asked for better friends.
    -The Perkins
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    1. Maria Nunez


    2. Maria Nunez

      I’m crying ! I can’t believe I’m just watching your journey ! ❤️

    3. Mahi Brown

      🥺😭🤍 CRYING! It’s the right timing! Full circle! Thank you universe. I could have watched you in more and more pain and suffering. You are an amazingly strong woman/team with Stephen! Bless xxx

    4. Erika Trujillo

      I had my transfer on Wednesday and watching all her videos really calmed me... I’m on day 2 of the 2WW.. I’m anxious and excited. Please send baby dust this way.!!! Much needed 🙏🏼🤍✨🤰🏻

    5. Samantha Cervantes

      These videos bring me so much hope 🤰🏽❤️👼🏽 I have two little ones in heaven

    6. Chloe Carrillo

      Still crying and anxious for y'all even though Ocean is literally here haha. Thank you Desi, I had no idea about any of these and women like you are incredible. May God continue to bless your family!

    7. Vanessa Ortiz

      You should make a video on your 2WW what you felt and did and how strong you stayed in not testing.

    8. shelby s

      What a perfect pair to be parents ♥️

    9. jyupyu

      Omg that sunset moment was so beautiful 🥺😭

    10. Judit

      man, I've cried so hard at this it's embarrassing...congrats! i may be a little late to the party but iIm so excited for you :)

    11. Rosey

      I pray to god that I conceive :( I’m losing weight so doctors will help me !

    12. Trencita Johnson

      I have been crying so much with you guys this morning! I knew already that finally you were pregnant, that you had your baby Ocean (love the name!) and had no idea how hard the journey was... Love you all! Keep safe and healthy ♥️❤️🧡

    13. Makayla Davis

      This has given me so much hope. You’re a beautiful soul thank you for sharing

    14. LIli Titok

      Every time I watch this video, I cry like a baby. Most wonderful content on youtube.

    15. Jen

      I just watched this again and was literally balling my eyes out and smiling so big when they were sharing that they were pregnant. UGhh I’m so happy for her and them both now that they are parents. I remember one time watching a video and her mentioning her miscarriage and that they had been trying and could see it deep in her she was struggling and I know exactly what she was feeling inside.

    16. Chris Lim

      Oh wow. They didn’t put you on bed rest after. Things are so different now.

    17. Sierra Walls

      I’m sobbing , I just found out I was pregnant after 3 years of trying and I honestly didn’t expect this 🥺

    18. Nadine Dwy

      I am in tears, everytime i‘m looking this beautiful Video 😭💕🥰

    19. Beckk

      HUfast really sucks at their recommendations anymore. 😔 I had NO idea you were going through any of this. None! Long time subscriber to your OG channel and this one, too. Anyways, I feel you. I had my only child at 19, pregnant at 18. So I’m very lucky. But after that? It never happened again for us. I couldn’t go the IVF route. I had so much going on in my life, our lives, I just didn’t have it in me. You are a warrior, every woman who goes through this are stronger than most. Infertility should be talked about more. It’s not anything to be ashamed of. And for those people who comment or joke about people you do not know being pregnant or looking pregnant, or asking them about their pregnancy? Fucking stop it. Ok? Thanks. Anyways I’m absolutely thrilled for you. I’ve cried my face off watching these. Because as I sit here watching this tonight, I also know that my daughter, who I had so young, our only child, she is pregnant right now. And it happened easily for her, and it doesn’t happen like that for women the in our family. And I’m so happy that I’m going to be someone’s Gigi in July. Me! I get to teach her, like my momma taught me. So I’m absolutely stoked, and I’m SO emotional and so happy it happened for you, and I know it was rough for you and hard to watch, for me. Thank you both for sharing your story. I can’t wait to watch the rest of this journey! 💖💖💖

    20. katlego mahalefa


    21. Kailee

      Omg the flashbacks 😭😭😭😭😭

    22. Claire Polet

      2:04 is that where the first name Ocean comes from?

    23. Emma Pontè

      Is anyone else watching this series back after Desi uploaded the birth vlog and notice that the day Desi had the surgery to get pregnant her and Steven went down to the ocean to watch the sunset? Then notice how Desi talked about how Steven asked her on their first date on the beach. Maybe that's how the name "Ocean" came about

    24. Gisselle Garza

      I just started watching your journey and I’m already on this episode. I can’t stop crying! I feel like I know you guys on a personal level, I’m so happy for the Perkins family ❤️ love you guys!

    25. Dani

      I have to stop watching these videos when I’m on my period I’m an emotional mess lool so sooo happy for you two!!! Congrats!!!!

    26. Kel_Betona


    27. MJ Smolbean

      I found you guys through "ItsJudysLife". You guys are so sweet and real. I wish you all the best!!!

    28. Isabella Moles

      Coming here to watch this to relive the ocean moment one more time. His name is so special, and I just love it so much. Congratulations, Ocean is absolutely perfect.

    29. iss

      that moment when they were by the Ocean is such a beautiful, God given moment. And now they have called their son OCEAN! ....how cute!!!

    30. Steff L

      This is soooo beautiful! Congratulations!! xx

    31. Uno Doz

      Omg Desi i love this for you both🥺❤️

    32. Sara

      Im so happy for them! They now have their babyboy!🥺😭❤️

    33. Max Black

      Whos here after baby Perkins is here?

    34. Tijana Savic

      Cant stop crying 😭😭😭

    35. Monica Ducey

      Oh my heavens 🥰 . . This was absolutely breathtaking & precious! I've never been happier in my life for someone that isn't actually family, but I love this! It's because I truly feel in my heart that you two will be amazing parents and never aim to take advantage of the gift you've been given. I will say a prayer for you that you all are in good health every step of the way🙏❤️

    36. Athena Efstathiou

      I just cried through this whole video

    37. Megan Gallie

      I’m so happy for you guys! 😭♥️ God bless you guys and God bless Steven for being such a supportive partner!!

    38. Tayler Stone

      I'm crying so much right now, they just had their baby and I'm so happy!!!!

    39. sidrell williams

      felt like I watched a movie similar to this

    40. lizcastle


    41. Katherine Robertson

      I’m an IVF baby and your transfer day was the day before my birthday🥰

    42. Adriana Garza

      Re-Watching this while Desi is in labor and sobbing!!! 😭😭😭 Im so genuinely happy for them!!

    43. Veronika Reynolds

      the way im sobbing watching this waiting for her birth announcement🥺

    44. Dr. Ciri P., MD

      OMG I'm crying...wow...Desi, I'm so happy for you guys.

    45. Sonya Ethel

      The garden song was so cute 😆

    46. Shannon McCarthy

      The way her brother got so excited and was screaming and crying from so much happiness made me cry even harder they're bond is amazing

    47. Julee Aziz

      Please please tell us what did you do? what did you eat? .. did you walk a lot ?? what was the food you eat? in two week wait .... :(

    48. Sabrina Alaniz

      This sunset was so beautiful!!💛

    49. Sabrina Alaniz

      Every episode makes me cry so hardddd😫😫😫😫

    50. PATI H

      Rewatching this episode, days before you have Baby P! Thank you for sharing your journey!

    51. Jewels Ann

      Unfortunately, sticking yourself with a needle in the middle of downtown LA is an everyday thing 😂 On a lighter note, your fertility journey is so beautiful and very well deserved. Sending good and positive vibes your way for a healthy son and delivery.

    52. Evelyn Reyes

      I know you are due soon, but this video is everything. I couldn't stop crying of excitement. I am so happy that you get to experience pregnancy and live this beautiful journey with so much love and support around you.

    53. Pamela Dandley

      Don’t forget Desi even though your closed he said you were 20% effaced! It has begun! Lol no turning back now. Love you guys.

    54. Jessica Watson

      Wow, this baby is going to be so loved and so wanted. I hope he feels that one day. This is amazing Desi. Your such a badass, and Steven is the best. Congratulations 🍾🎊🎉

    55. Lindsay Marshall

      May 9th 2020 is a very special day for me aswell. My 2nd son was born that morning. Thank you for sharing your journey. I've been blessed with an easy journey. And I'm sending you blessings on yours. Congratulations 💙

    56. Lanie

      Watching this again since my friend just had her transfer today! Thank you for sharing your story with the world. I'm so excited for you!

    57. Cindy Lachey

      Omg I couldn’t stop crying!! 😭😭😭😭 i can only imagine the journey y’all went through. I myself and my partner have been trying to have a baby for the pass five years and sadly we haven’t had any luck yet. Unfortunately we can’t afford to go to a fertility but we keep trying and praying hopefully we get a positive test one day! 😊

    58. Kayla Coliny

      Omg I just found you guys & have been binge watching & this is absolutely amazing, I am so incredibly happy for you guys❤️ Thank you for also sharing your journey, although you didn’t have too. It is something that needs to be shared, & you both are so incredibly strong for putting your journey out here for the world!! I can’t wait to continue watching!🥰

    59. cutepinksocks

      When u showed how you guys grew up together and seeing the struggle u went through and overcame ...😢😢😢 I am so happy for you both and for your new family. You are gonna be amazing parents

    60. cutepinksocks


    61. Fabiola Graceffa

      i cried so much.. congratulations i wish the best to all of you xx

    62. Victoria Hartwell

      the dm on instagram gave me chills!!

    63. 17TJ B

      I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this..the sunset part kills me ..I cry every time! So so happy for you..you are going to be amazing parents 💕🥰

    64. J.A.D.A

      Idk why anyone would dislike this video..., I’m cryiiiiiinnnnggggg 😭😭 congrats guys

    65. Teresa Menacho

      I can't even handle this level of excitement!!! Congrats

    66. Azhar Rakib

      Honestly since i started watching thise videos and im crying so bad ,I felt you so much with every moment and tears ,even the happiness tears when you finally got pregnant 🤰,its amazing how strong you and your husband are ,good luck to you guys and hopefully my turn will be coming soon ❤️❤️❤️

    67. Melissa Calderon

      😭😭😭 happy tears .

    68. Bibiana Tinoco

      I need those lashes 🤗🤗 😍😍😍 Desi you always give me lash tentation 😬😭🤣

    69. Kylie Tan

      I cried when I heard that the test is positive! I’m so happy for them! And I can’t wait to be pregnant too! 🥰🥰

    70. Betty Isordia

      Congratulations! I am sososo happy for both of you. you gave me hopes on not giving up. The only way I can get pregnant is through IVF also. I was always waiting for the right person to go to the right clinic. Can I get some info where is this Dr located?

    71. رهئل رهئل


    72. Brooklyn Ramos

      😭 currently pregnant and crying in happiness I’ve been watching you for years and am so happy for you💕

    73. Janeth Saucedo

      Re watching this and I’m crying all over again 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    74. BillyBissue


    75. Andrea Ortiz

      Ugh I’m drowning in my tears 😭

    76. Loredana Manciu

      OMG! On 9 february you receive the result you ve both waited for 6 years!!! On 9 february is my birthday...so I feel like I brought you luck! For you and for my brother too! COngrats!

    77. Anna Michopulu

      When the nurse called I couldnt not cry

    78. Teri M

      I had my transfer done a few days ago and I'm waiting for my test too. This is so nerve racking and your videos give me hope. Thank you for sharing! I'm praying for a positive test!

    79. Joy Joy

      U made me cry fuk yeah !!! U did it Go team Perkins go, u persevered all them damn needles shots were worth it u a strong woman desi u preggo mama I loved guys 6 years long overdue u gonna see ur baby’s face and all the pills shots turkey basting knees up position was all worth it I am so happy ur dream come thru eat organic take ur vitamins prenatals. Wholesome pesticide chemical GMO FREE food is very important ORGANIC BABY UR GARDEN WAS A SIGN OF GROWTH LIFE AND ALL THE FRUITS OF UR LABOR AND LOVE HARVEST TIME IS COMING BAEBABY....U GUYS GOT THIS CANT WAIT TO SEE U HOLD UR LITTLE ONE!!! Stay healthy and positive in mind body and soul...do not stress love and light sending ur way! Thank Jesus the Lord God is good life is good u guys are all good strong team my prayers are with u enjoy ur preggo bliss take baby bump pics ur baby will see how much u went thru to have them never gave up desi and Steven God bless ur family!

    80. dee12

      Watching all of this in August (hence, knowing the outcome beforehand). You made me realize quite a lot of things even beyond the subject of the series. I got so emotional seeing displayed in these videos how basically life knows its path. How you felt calmer, how things were lining up when the time was right. I had an early miscarriage recently and we got over it not long after, we were quick to be thankful that it happened early, that it doesn't mean anything yet. Then, I couldn't find a job and I started doubting myself, slowly. Now, we have an idea to work on together and while I knew not to put too much stress on these things, that they're just small troubles, sometimes stuff adds up and anxiety seeps trough. It was emotional to see the harsh beauty of real life in your journey. It made me think how as long as we're all healthy and together, helping each other, you're right - keep pushing through, you never know what lies ahead. You just touched on and summarized a lot of things I've been thinking in a beautiful way and the message came with a wonderful outcome so it was even more powerful. Power through it, count every single blessing, don't allow for comparisons or doubts to discourage you. I kinda feel freer saying, I don't fear the future. As long as we're healthy.

    81. Curls by Claribel

      watched this again months later and it still made me ball my eyes out! so beautiful!

    82. makeupbysiu

      Ugh! I been crying🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️such a beautiful moment😍❤️ wow

    83. Kyla Gaspur

      I should not have rewatched this early in the morning before work when I’m 4 months pregnant... coworkers “aRe YoU oK?!”

    84. SHR33

      I wasn’t prepared for all of these tears ...

    85. Colipopkola

      The heartbeat is such a beautiful sound! 🥰🥰🥰

    86. Elizabeth Nelson

      I love you two as a couple it’s so beautiful! You’ll be amazing parents I’m so happy for you xxxx

    87. Jamie F

      Love that they just love eachother so insanely much that they did absolutely everything humanly possible to have a baby together. God bless their growing family xo

    88. Susy G

      I cried this entire episode 😭😭😭😭💗 congrats

    89. Jessica Grover

      This is beautiful ❤️❤️

    90. mary yang

      Desi you deserve the world. I cried so much watching you go through this journey. I will continue to watch you. I love you!

    91. heytrishxo

      Watching this for the 5th time just cause I wanted to happy cry again ❤️

    92. KlassyKate

      Did anyone else cry when she found out?? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ *LOVE YOU DESI!!!*

    93. Jessi Callahan

      I got goosebumps on goosebumps

    94. Genlovee

      I cried with you when she announced positive, I’m so happy for you my love. Blessings to you and your family and home ❤️🏡

    95. Kayla Borg

      I’ve just come back and watching this again and I’m at the part where desi is drawing what she would look like with a big belly and I’m crying all over again because that’s how she is now and my god I’m just so happy for you both

    96. Drea Kay TV

      So as Im watching this video, i scroll down to see comments. I look to the side and see the video where Desi first announced her fertility issues that she were having two years ago. Directly under that video is the Pregnancy Q&A......IM CRYINNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    97. Drea Kay TV

      5:00 God always confirms his word. ((Deuteronomy 31:8 NLT))

    98. ale montemayor

      3:22. It’s just a green square people 🟩

    99. Laura

      I've binge watched all your journey episodes. I'm a hot mess crying at work. I'm so so happy for you guys. Your journey is beautiful because your love is so strong and your bond is like no other! Congratulations mommy & daddy to be!! 👪

    100. Sailor Moon

      I’m so happy for your pregnancy! I was just thinking about you and I look back to your channel and now you’re pregnant. I’m so happy for u . You will be a great mother . I cried so hard . God is good