Our Fertility Journey: Episode 9

The Perkins

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    1. Maria Nunez

      Omg i love tia !!!!!!!!!

    2. Brittany Acevedo

      Where did you get the take away mugs ?

    3. Rebekah Dahlstrom


    4. Travel Drone

      Thank you for your wonderful and interesting video, I enjoyed watching 👍

    5. Azaylea Tovar

      Im way behind watching your series, but we are snowed in and your videos are keeping me with happy!!!! your baby boy is seriously the cutest, and looks like daddy!! you have glowed and shin!!! you are inspiration!!! (bwt i had the orange one, and it was amazing but i passed out and was shaking so bad from ugly reaction from my glucose test 😩)

    6. Cathryn Jones

      Desi: im in such a bad mood also Desi: continues to be the nicest person on earth

    7. Jasmine Alvarado

      Finally getting around to watching this episode hella late but love how we can hear your mom slip up and say Ocean's name at one point. Did anyone catch it??

    8. astrolindsey

      "i don't want to bore you with that" as if i'm not hanging onto her every word, showing my boyfriend her coffee/tea drawer and wine rack...desi i am so in love with your pantry

    9. Lisa Eaker

      Mine was always and orange flavor and it wasn't horrible it tasted like a really sweet thick orange soda without carbonation but fridge and straw was key for me and all it did to me was made me burp

    10. Anne Chovey

      The liquid for the glucose test I took tasted like a suuuuper sweet orange soda with lots of sugar lol still nasty

    11. Janelly Castro

      I’m rewatching these and Desi’s mom says Ocean’s name at 20:04. Lol

    12. Ebby42

      Did nobody notice the bug on Desi's overalls! AHH freaked out when it started climbing to her neck lmaooo 25:21

      1. Lindsay Albritton

        oml yes i was just scrolling through the comments being like did anyone else notice?! also love how were both watching this video so late haha

    13. Gisella K

      Your tia omg 🥺🥰🥰🥰

    14. itsnicoletiana

      I love how much steven has desi's back and understands her with everything. ugh, beautiful family! 🙏🏻❤️

    15. Yadira Mendivil

      I was saying the same thing about Abuelita. It doesn’t even taste like chocolate anymore 💔. Its literally all sugar.

    16. MrsAshleyLacy

      Yea... everyone always says the drink is nasty for the glucose test, I’ve done 3, the orange ones, it’s like a flat sugary Fanta, oh yea.... CONGRATULATIONS!!! I just had a baby boy... I’m so happy for u guys!!!!!!! Awwwww yay!!

    17. Stephanie McMahon

      Does anyone know where she got the tea storage holders?

    18. Madison Olah

      This whole part with the pantry organization has my heart racing with excitement 😂

    19. Becky Romero

      That “Thank you mommyyy” was adorable. 😭🥺🥰

    20. Ruth Mont

      Omg the diabetes drink tasted like Tropicana Fruit Punch to me..sweet as hell...the sugar run was what made me sick not the taste

    21. Madeline Solis

      The 50g glucose drink isn’t that bad! I would tell people it’s like a flag sprite. I was a phlebotomist for 7 years. There’s 3 different kinds depending on the test, 75g is orange flavor, kind of like Sunkissed. 100g is fruit punch. The more sugar, the worst the drink is. It’s usually more dramatic than people say

    22. demmydots

      I had the orange glucose drink and honestly it just tastes like flat orange soda i kinda loved it lmao. I think it being cold is definitely key.

    23. Sara AlMuhannadi

      I threw up at my glucose test 3 times and almost fainted 🤣🤣🤣 it was like burning cherry flavor it made me so sick

    24. aliah ishmael

      my liquid was not bad at all it was just really sweet. I think some just have sensitive taste buds while pregnant or over dramatic lol

    25. Guadalupe Bautista

      It's amazing how us moms even we don't have the dinero and we buy our baby essentials from a thrift store , it makes us very happy to only fold one baby blanket about 10, 000 times the 10001 time it's still special, enjoy Perkins 👪

    26. Lindsay Marshall

      The glucose test reminded me of a high concentrated orange Gatorade 🍊 😅

    27. Isamar Sanchez

      The glucose test drink always came back out for me

    28. Erica Marie

      I’m so sure Steven takes the first sip 🥺🥺🥺 I love his love for you. What a partner. 💓

    29. Cealise Jackson

      I freakin love this vlog. I laughed so much !! You found a potato girl? 😩😩 did you send out a memo ? Lol

    30. Mercia_Latte

      I had to chug lime flavor ugh... I almost threw up :P

    31. Darcy Jones

      This series give so much warmth and comfort. This Family is my happy place on the internet

    32. Teresa Menacho

      My husband and I prefer Ibarra to Abuelita.

    33. carmen gonzaleZ

      Steven telling Tia " I lav yuu" 😭💓💓

    34. x m

      Tasted like WHAT desi!??

    35. Rachel Jamieson

      That glucose bottle looked ominous I will say haha the nastiest shit I've ever had in my life was the drink you have to chug 2x 1 litre bottles of!!! And no food allowed at the same time all for a colonoscopy. Legit it smells like burnt rubber tyres and I'm not being dramatic like the ppl who scared you. My partner smelt it and was like nope but I made him try it

    36. Jazilyn Rivera

      The glucose test isn’t bad at all I had fruit punch lol the only thing I didn’t like was feeling nauseous afterwards

    37. Anthony Cho

      can we talk about Tia’s Selena shirt!!! icons supporting icons

    38. Colipopkola

      Awww the bump is everything it looks so cute un your outfits! 😍😍

    39. Gisselle Cossio

      i love your tia sooo much

    40. Caroline Steve

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    41. Kim Williams

      First words: dada. They never give it up for the mama 😬😂

    42. Olivia Nunnally

      My drink both times was orange and I liked it. To me it tasted like orange soda.

    43. Mk13

      I had to drink this neon hot pink drink. It was 🤮 and to make things worse, they made drink it twice for a second test.

    44. Deavyn Legg

      My glucose test drink just tasted like a Sunkist that they forgot to carbonate. It was pretty good.

    45. Angelica Garcia

      I love tia oh my goodness she’s such a jewel 😭

    46. rachg09890

      Lol had the orange one three times and it wasn’t bad at all either!!

    47. Rachel Mellema

      What are the plants along the fence? :)

    48. JoJo

      I don't know why people say the glucose drink is disgusting. It's like flat lemonade. It's not the worst thing to drink.

    49. Care Bear

      My baby was long and skinny! That’ll probably be you

    50. Care Bear

      Love your house wow I wish I had it to be mine

    51. Christian Lancaster

      Thanks for sharing your pregnancy journey with us

    52. T BORI

      Gurl when I took that test the liquid was thick af it was terrible I threw it up and had to redo it next day. Yes the orange was terrible. You guys are such great vibes. God bless you and your family always.

    53. Aisha Alnaseri

      Desi you have a beautiful healthy family which is so heartwarming to watch 💓💓💓💓 I feel better just by watching your vlogs! God bless your entire wonderful family 💕💕💕

    54. Velicia Williams

      Desi , you have to do a pregnancy photo shoot with the swing. That outdoor space is magical.

    55. Marika Vastamaa

      The liquid was so nasty! In Finland We have to drink more the you. But anything for the baby, right ❤️ you two look so happy all the time ❤️

    56. Jillian Piering

      Omg I love 💕 ❤️💙💙💙 love love dad “ honey you can have whatever you want” so sweet! He’s such a proud papa bear I can’t. Made me cry, and it’s hard to do that!! This little man is already so loved it’s incredible sweet and 100% pure ! Desi and Steven congratulations 🎉🍾! I know this is a long time coming but you guys deserve everything plus more right now and always. Xox

    57. Crystal M

      I appreciate the step by step instructions! Now on to make my husband watch this so he can get to work!😁

    58. nellie marquez

      That was not the drink that I had to have during my glucose test. Mine was orange. It tasted like orange soda that they added more sugar to.

    59. Maria S

      i cannot help but see so much privilege, and that’s what makes it such a beautiful experience. so glad she’s able to experience it like this as so many women are disadvantaged

    60. Shari Rivera

      That liquid is not bad at all. People are so dramatic. Lol

    61. Abrianna Nunez

      The best thing is to past the test! Cuz gestational is no fun i had to take my glucose test 2 xs because my results didnt come out clear and i had gestational but thank god me and my son are okay but im glad your okay Desi!♡

    62. Natalie George

      I had to take this test one time and they put a HUGE ASS needle in my tummy. I instantly cramped and they were telling me to relax and I was trying too. But I also was a high risk pregnancy and I had been in the hospital for a month.

    63. Digser Abreu

      tia reminds me of my dominican abuela and im obsessed

    64. Fook Yurmasks

      Re: glucose test. Everyone is different but no bad at all.

    65. Sarah Navarro

      Going through your pregnancy with you makes me reminisce on my first pregnancy. 🥰 I remember being so scared when I didn't feel her move for awhile and then finally feeling her and all my nerves would calm 😌. Pregnancy is such a crazy, beautiful, wild experience. I developed carpel tunnel and I'd wake up with an intense pain in my finger and arm, it would make me cry. I had the HARDEST time switching sides, sometimes I would walk up on my back and freak out and turn to my side 😆.

    66. Jaderia Frieze

      Oh Desi, don’t worry about your weight gain right now! With my first, I started at 100lbs and I gained 60lbs... 🤣🤣 I was massive!!! My butt stuck out just as big as my belly, no joke! 🤣 I have a picture from the side because that was actually really funny to us. I was getting worried but I went back to normal tho! Needless to say, you’ll snap right back to normal! You’ve looked so beautiful through this whole journey and I’m sure you’ll always treasure every moment! ❤️🙏🏻

    67. Star Ismalej

      Haha! It’s not bad! Mine tasted like orange soda 🤷🏻‍♀️

    68. Lucas Oliver

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    69. schmid love

      Loving Tia in the Selena shirt

    70. mama shelc & lilly girl

      I can’t believe I didn’t watch this one yet 😓 But yes.. the red or orangish looking glucose drink is the yucky one, from what I remember. & I’m totally nesting right now 😭😂🙌🏼 I’m 19 weeks & started cleaning the house yesterday. Couldn’t finish everything.. taking lots of breaks lol. I’m starting to feel the cramping too (uterus is growing/stretching - making room for baby). I’m starting to feel my son move more now too 🥰 He’s so active! It’s so reassuring watching your videos.. i’m right behind you - well 2 months 😁

    71. Ivana Ivana

      I barely hold it in after that glucose drink...

    72. LifeofMarin

      So excited for you and Steven! ❤️❤️ the swing is perfect. Don’t do grape vines on the swing set. Grapes are toxic for some pup breeds!

    73. Cepriana Turner

      The gluclose drink I had tasted like sprite lol

    74. Prisss

      The Orange one is discussing!!!! That one isn’t that mad lol you got lucky

    75. Jaymi Leigh

      Mine tasted like super thick orange soda concentrate syrup with no fizz. It was NOT clear like that. And I didn’t take it at home, I had to get my blood drawn, take it at the lab, sit and wait for 2 hours, all hopped up on sugar 😂😂😂 then get my blood drawn at home

    76. Adriana Torres

      How funny when Steven understood the “guapo” part and Desi didn’t translate it but he right away mentioned it. Steven tú estás bien guapo y ella está hermosa. Van a tener hijos hermosos.. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    77. xiahmia15

      You shouldn't store the potatoes next to the onions. It will make the potatoes sprout

    78. Alissa Mellino

      This gives me baby fever again. I miss those baby gymnastics in the belly!

    79. Alissa Mellino

      The scene after the glucose test.. Wow. Stunning! Glow momma! 🤩😘

    80. IcarusAnderson

      The pain in the groin area (at the spot where your thigh turns into your hip/groin) can also be round ligament pain, dont let him freak you out. The round ligaments are keeping your placenta and the baby in place and sometimes, when you or he have a growth spurt they can hurt because they need to stretch and adjust. And same with the movements, if hes generally active there will always be times when hes more chill. Especially during the last month of pregngnacy when theres less wriggle room. My baby didnt move for 12 hours a few weeks before i gave birth. Doctors sometimes freak us out 😂

    81. Paulina H.A.

      Omg I didn't realize abuelita was bought out. A few years ago I had abuelita hot chocolate and it suddenly didn't taste like I remembered growing up, I stopped drinking it since then. I kind of just chalked it up to growing out of it but maybe they changed the recipe a bit. Whatever it is, I guess I'm not the only one who noticed. :(

    82. veronica Aleman

      Steven is so sweet to u always understanding too cute you two are so cute

    83. Shivangi Nigam

      ur backyard is my absolute goals. i love how you value your outdoor space so much 💖 baby will love it out there

    84. AnaeseV

      For some reason I always thought her mom lived with them!

    85. Marshae Bearden

      Listen the orange flavor is absolutely disgusting

    86. Saenz Dana

      I have NO IDEA why people say the glucose test is gross lol it literally tastes like orange soda 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

    87. ellehcimae

      I drank an orange one for my glucose test and it wasn't bad at all. People were also telling me how nasty it is, but it just tasted like flavored water to me. Like those powders you add to water to make a drink or something. Idk what they were tasting, but I got pedialyte vibes from what I drank lol

    88. stefie808

      Gas and bloating: Fun fact - I was in my 3rd trimester and I was holding in my fart as I was walking around my area at work. Well... I let out a quick and fast fart 💨 as I walked right in front of my boss’ desk. And it was loud. I was so embarrassed. Didn’t acknowledge it of course and just hurried back to my desk. That’s when I was preggo with my boy 🤪

    89. Jadedbeauty27

      The glucose drink I had to drink was absolutely disgusting. I threw it up and had to reschedule. I’m so glad your experience was better!

    90. Bianca Angelina

      When I had to take a glucose test, the liquid tasted like super sweet orange soda. It wasn’t that bad. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    91. mariaxo

      the potato in the mug LOL

    92. Vanessa Chamberlain

      everyone freaked me out about the glucose test drink. it was not bad at all!! I drank mine in like a minute lol it tastes like soda!

    93. Wendy S

      Glucose liquid for me it was orange flavored and it was just extremely syrupy!!

    94. Cathy Bynum

      Hunny, you look Beautiful; enjoy every second, it will fly by. Congrats to you both. Sending love and prayers..🥰

    95. Sara McGee

      I had the orange one my first pregnancy and the clear one my second pregnancy, I fully enjoyed both and still don’t understand why people always say they’re disgusting. The orange reminded me of Tang and the clear one was like flat lemon lime soda

    96. carrie gonzales

      Hey mama !! We’d all love an update ❤️❤️ miss you

    97. Stefanie x

      I love your energy!!! Im in my first trimester and I can barely get off the couch, I look forward to this motivation 🤣

    98. BarceloMedia

      I love how amazing Steven is to her. So happy for them and their journey!

    99. Dulce Amaya

      I remember when Dezi went to the fertility clinic and saw that sign that said Expect to Expect.

    100. M A

      I normally watch the episodes a second it is posted. But this time I couldn’t when I saw your first episode I was crying bc I could relate with your story. And my husband was next to me and said stop watching if it makes you cry and came and hugged me. Why I could not watch the new episodes is bc my husband died on the way home.. all my dreams and hopes are gone. It is more than a month ago and I still can not believe I lost my best friend. He was like Steven very loving and caring husband. God took him and gave me a Angel instead. We will never know why it happened now. I don’t why I am writing it here. I will watch the episodes when I feel ok. But so happy for you enjoy every second ❤️