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    hello m no happy en mi das for you one presen in your house b

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    Omg the epidural, the counting to ten to push during contractions all reminded me of my birth and made me cry! This is so beautiful ❤️ & I agree, giving birth was the hardest thing ever lol.

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    I’m so thankful I have a husband like Steven. ❤️

  6. Tan Tan

    What are Godparents?

  7. The Mexican Mommy

    My Lord those needles are thick 😨

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    Watching this series for the second time as I’m now 7dp5dt on our second round of ivf and starting to loose hope 💔

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    This hits different when your pregnant 🥺

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    Omg Ocean is truly heaven sent!❤️

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    He’s the most adorable baby... handsome little guy... so happy for you all

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    Tell me who in the hell disliked this?!?!? Such a loving moment congrats Katy now take Ocean and run 😂😍💕

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    I love this so much I feel like its helping me prepare. I'm 10 weeks right now and terrified but so excited and happy and you are so strong. I'm inspired and in awe of you 💓

  20. Roberta..Campos

    Awww new supporter here! Ocean is ADORABLE!! Congrats to the new godparents! When the baby grows out of the onesie, you guys should give it to the godparents for them to keep and always remember this day and they can show it to him in thirty years 😉💙

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  22. Maria Nunez

    I’m crying ! I can’t believe I’m just watching your journey ! ❤️

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    Hello i watch your video and it amazed me so much I'm here to give my support you did a good job good luck and god bless to you and your family please keep on posting and Keep yourself safe.

  28. Mahi Brown

    🥺😭🤍 CRYING! It’s the right timing! Full circle! Thank you universe. I could have watched you in more and more pain and suffering. You are an amazingly strong woman/team with Stephen! Bless xxx

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  42. Business XX

    When I saw your baby's face, I instantly felt, I LOVE him! He's so adorable, and clearly looks very loved. G-d Bless you guys!

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    She had a whole baby in the middle of an entire pandemic???? Seriously??

  46. spybubbble

    I wonder if they considered adoption?

  47. Denisa F

    Thank you for sharing!No one understands..and people keep asking questions.. and it’s painful everytime to put a smile and try to be polite or make a joke..

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    Balled my eyes out with this video. God bless your family and thank you for sharing your journey with us. This was a beautiful

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    Thank you so much for posting your journey. My husband and I are about to start IVF and I've been so scared, but your videos have helped me immensely. Thank you so much ❤️

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